A Recent Successful Social Media Campaign in India

The most recent successful social media campaign that comes to my mind is the #RiceBucketChallenge. It is the Indianized version of the successful #IceBucketChallenge with some twists added. Ms. Manju Latha Kalanidihi, a journalist from the city of Hyderabad came up with the idea for a Rice Bucket Challenge. Her aim was to feed the hungry and needy instead of wasting water in a country which has severe scarcity of water already. India is already having around 300 million people living below the poverty line, so the intention of the campaign was catchy enough to attract people’s interests. Only thing that is required was a successful execution strategy.

This campaign started in Facebook by asking people to buy or cook one bucket of rice and feed the poor in the locality. Presently, there is a devoted Facebook page for this cause, the measures of fans are expanding by the hour the brand page was begun on 24th August, and it as of now has 40k Fans. To participate in this challenge – A member is obliged to take a bucket of rice to an individual who is unprivileged, click a picture of the gift and post the picture on Facebook/Twitter alongside the hashtag #RiceBucketChallenge and naming friends to respond to take up the challenge. 34k+ notice including tweets, Facebook posts, news articles about the challenge in only 5 days demonstrates the humongous response it generated. In spite of the fact that the general interests are diminishing as should be obvious in the chart, yet at the same time it’s not very awful.

Also there are few celebrities like Priyanka Chopra endorsed the cause and this in turn increase the value and the depth of the campaign. With the challenge even now being presented so as of late, is as of now on its approach to getting to be viral in India. With Increased mindfulness, awareness and investment towards this reason; highlights one thing uproarious and clear of how influential online networking has become in India.


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