Examples of successful Social Media Campaigns in India

There have been a lot of successful social media campaigns in India in past few years. I am listing down here three successful social media campaigns which I found very innovative .They leveraged the power of various social media Platforms superbly to increase the brand loyality and its Fan base with better engagement and unique Gamification Features.

1)#Mumbai InNewLight

Philips launched a social media campaign in January partnering with Maharashtra Tourism Department to light up the iconic Gateway of India using their coloured LED lights .Company used Face book , YouTube and Twitter Hash tags to promote and multiply the reach of the campaign. Users where asked to click and upload interesting pictures of the Gateway and share their plans about how would they enjoy the new lights .The campaign served two purpose and was Win –Win for all .It helped in boosting the Mumbai tourism and served as a promotional Strategy for Philips as well.

You Tube Post for the same

FB Page

2)#Rice Bucket Challenge

This ongoing Campaign is a Desi Twist to the #Ice Bucket Challenge which was trending on Social Media Platform. It was a brainchild of Manju Latha Kalanidhi who came up with this idea to post challenge asking friends to cook or buy 1 bucket of Rice to feed the poor and donate medicines worth 100 rupees to local Government Hospitals .IT serves dual concerns pertaining to Indian society.It promotes feeding hungry and needy people instead of Wasting water in the earlier challenge in this Drinking Water scarce Land .Started in August , This campaign has got a lot of traction with more than 67000 fans ,around 34k mentions in Twitter and FB in just 5 days . And Best part is the global audience is also taking part in this challenge boosting its worldwide awareness .Users had to participate in this challenge, post their pics on FB or Twitter with the Hash tag and nominating their friends for this challenge to take it forward

FB page

3) Pepsi IPL –The Great Indian Catch

After Bagging the sponsorship rights of IPL in 2013 ,Pepsi came up with fantastic Gamification Idea in Digital space and social media Platform to engage more and build excitement among fans for the IPL matches .User had to visit the Pepsi Website and login using FB account to play the Game .The whole Map of India Served has the field and Batsmen had to hit the ball to different parts of the country with fielders positioned there .Friends posted in Different cities posed as fielders and was determined using FB check ins. There were a lot of exciting features regarding batsmen statistics, weather updates etc to engage the user and his/her Friend .They were encouraged to play as many games during the IPL season with chances of winning Grand Prize. It help building up excitement and loyality towards brand with combining Gamification and power of social networking .The whole idea was brilliantly executed and helped in creating a buzz around the brand in this cricket Crazy nation taking the social media campaign to a new level all together .


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