Financial markets related campaigning in India

There is a lot going on in the area of financial markets in India as part of Investor Awareness Programs (IAP). SEBI & AMFI are two organisations looking to drive such initiatives other than the Financial Institutions / Asset Management companies that are allocating annual budgets for improving such financial literacy to tackle low penetration of financial instruments in working class Indians.

There are successful social media campaigns by Insurance companies such as ICICIPru Life Insurance Company through their Bande Ache Hai (TV ad) & social media handles (youtube) & (facebook). The Mutual Fund / Asset Management companies don’t seem much successful in attracting such traffic. The securities division of same ICICI had run an award winning social media campaign parallel to the ICICIPru Life’s campaigns in 2013. It did make some waves such as but has gone cold since. The youtube handle of ICICI Direct currently holds hardly any uploads.

Recently SEBI has planned to take further initiatives by launching its own app (

Another initiative in the area by Network18 owned is Moneybhai ( This is an idea borrowed from the JV partner of Network18 – CNBC – that ran it by name ‘Million Dollar Challenge’ which was suspended in 2011 ( The website reporting portal reports really an insignificant ranking for ( But considering the known status of investor awareness in India, Moneybhai has done quite a job since its inception in 2005. There are thousands of messages on the message board of the portal everyday & many investors who trade virtually on the portal are regular investors in the real markets. Recently Centre for Financial Services Administration committee in the management institute SPJIMR was roped in to run a sponsored program for the teams from the college in an effort to encourage the students to participate in virtual trading platform on Moneybhai. To some extend the content creation by aggregation has been achieved by the involvement of independent amateur investors on Moneybhai.

What India probably lacks out of this chain formed by media, private financial services companies & regulating organizations is a really an independent investor advisor like ‘The Motley Fool’ or an education portal such as Investopedia.

Recently the message boards on various Indian virtual trading portals & announcements from regulators brought up a name – Dolly Khanna ( This is an HNI from Chennai in India & the name became a phenomenon because of more than 1% stakes bought by her in block deals on BSE / NSE. It turned out that the entrepreneur turned individual investor has built the portfolio over the years with only the knowledge available from resources available to any common investor. Such investors can form communities & take initiatives in screening of stock investment options through social media.

The discussions about investments are currently guided by news & what most of the brokerage houses want to feed the investors with. But a top of the voice independent screening portal can do more wonders to the investor awareness campaign that government of India is promoting so vigorously. But forming of something like that by aggregation may seem distant going by current status.


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