Inspirational Indian Social Media Campaigns !

The year 2014 saw some very interesting social media campaigns in India. I have chosen three that captured my attention.

1.Channel V “Know Your VQ” campaign

With the General Elections being the biggest event in India this year, Channel V came up with a unique concept of capturing the attention of nearly 27 million first time voters. This campaign, hosted on a site on channel V site, educates the voters on the basics of election and how they can exercise their right to vote.

It had a VQ meter to check the voter’s knowledge about elections which could be taken up using facebook or email. The kind of language and tone used in the campaign was that of double entendre and was quirky to appeal to the young voters.

The home page featured a cheeky video which would drive the young voters to watch it and share as well. 

Some of the bold eye catching phrases used were “It’s your first time, don’t sweat, enjoy it.”, “You won’t regret doing it.” “Use your finger.” To complement these there were some very interesting posters and illustrations.

The campaign was successful in not only reaching out to its target audience but also communicating it in a way which would make the whole process fun.

2. Omron’s “Your Voice Their World” campaign

This campaign was a CSR initiative by Omron in association with the National Association for the Blind. It was aimed at creating the world’s largest audio library of poems for the visually impaired. A website powered by Facebook login and mobile app was created so that anyone could access it online and contribute. It was designed in a way such that users could record a poem in their voice, upload a recorded poem or vote for poems uploaded by others.In a very short span of eight weeks the campaign was a big hit with about 2400 submissions.

Farhan Akhtar was roped in to be a brand ambassador for the campaign and it was supported by many eminent personalities. This campaign also won bronze at CLIO healthcare awards, which is the most recognised international competition for projects that explore the boundaries of creativity in any medium.

Encouraged by the huge support, Omron plans to run a phase two of the campaign. A brilliant idea to use crowd sourcing for a social cause!’s “Breaking Stereotypes” campaign

In a country with innumerable diversities, we are all victims to stereotypical perceptions about people of a certain community, state, gender etc. created a Breaking Stereotypes campaign that seeks to break the stereotypes. TrulyMadly is a modern day matchmaking website where matches are made using science and technology. It breaks the stereotypical way of matchmaking through horoscopes, religion, caste, language etc.

For the BreakingStereotypes campaign, the website ran a social experiment where it asked the youth to share some generalizations that they have faced. A large number of people opened up and some controversial generalizations faced by people surfaced on social media. These entries were reviewed and a gallery of some common stereotypes was put up.

In the present drastically changing times, this campaign seems to strike the right chord with the youngsters. It is a well aligned and targeted campaign that sends put a strong message against stereotyping. Hope this is our first step toward breaking the many many stereotypes in our society !





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