Pitfalls marketers need to avoid!

Social media has become the next big thing. 72% of the Internet users are active on social media. It has become a hot topic for businesses and entrepreneurs. Getting social media strategies right can be a great way for the businesses to reach to the target audiences, but social media efforts can too drive the customers away.

A few mistakes that a marketer need to avoid while using social media are:


One of the biggest pitfalls could be overly promotional. Social media is a medium that allows you to interact with the customer but definitely is not a medium that you can use to sell your product. It is there to carve a niche for yourself. Thus, marketers should avoid social media as a tool to sell their product. It is there to reach to the customer, your audiences.

Similarly marketer should respond to all the comments whether positive or negative. Marketers should avoid deleting negative comments and reviews. They should address those concerns rather than deleting them. Also, make it a habit not to post negative messages about your competition.

Another mistake which marketers do is treating all social media platform as the same. Every social media has its own set of customers, customs and languages and as a marketer it is very important to know who are your target audiences and how would you communicate with them. If a company broadcasts the same message across all platform it goes as a junk message. Marketers need to put in more effort to understand each platform and make a more personal connection.

Not having a plan or a strategy: An alarming fact only 1 out of the 8 companies has a developed social media plan. Consumers everyday are continuously flooded with so much disorganized information, promotions and messages. A business might have an impressive or interesting content but without having the plan, posts may get lost in clutter. In order to standout and deliver an effective message, a business need to have clear cut measurable goals and a clear social media policy and definitely a defined company voice.

Over posting is another pitfall that needs to be taken care of. While posting everyday is very important for marketers to stay in touch with their target audiences but over posting usually leads to social spamming. It is very important for marketer to understand that consumer does not eat and breath the company as he does. No person is interested to have a look at more than 20 feeds when he/she open their social profile.

Misusing hashtags (#). It encourages your audience to broader discussions about a particular topic. But using long, unrelated hashtag could have a negative effect on your profile. The same goes if you use a lot of hashtags within the same post thinking it will get more exposure. Thus, make it a habit to use relevant and necessary hashtags


(Mohit Sejwal)



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