Pitfalls marketers need to watch out in embracing social media for marketing

Today in class we discussed on some of the examples where Social media campaign were failure like “That Girl Emily ” and some of them were successful like “Starbucks for voting”. Though there is low cost for setting up social media campaigns but if it is not done properly it impacts your business reputation heavily. That is why  some of the pitfalls which marketers should watch out while embracing the social media are as follows :

Thinking that Social Media is only solution – There’s a wide set of online tactics that can be implemented and although social media is one of the more powerful ones, it is still just one way to reach your audience. A good digital strategy uses what’s effective and that usually means a proper integration of various spheres.

No idea on how to respond to an angry customer – A frustrated or angry reaction to a customer comment on social media can be disastrous for a business. If a customer posts a bad comment or complaint, don’t panic. It happens from time to time, and it’s a great opportunity to show your customers you respect their opinions and will treat them with patience and professionalism.

Thinking One Size Fits All  – Each site has different strengths and weaknesses so it’s definitely worth considering which ones to prioritize. Identify what your business wants to achieve, what type of audience you’re looking to connect with and which social media sites tie in with these goals.

Lack of Data Analytics – Experienced social media marketers do not base the efficacy of a marketing strategy on whether or not something appears to looks good. It is important to measure current performance in addition to trends over time when fine-tuning a social media marketing campaign. It is also critical to periodically measure performance and reassess strategy.

Not Interacting meaningfully with your fans or followers – Social media has quickly become one of the most popular ways to reach a company or business but tweets and posts are going unanswered and consumers are taking notice. The quality of a company’s customer service across social media platforms is vital for a positive reputation, its reach, and ROI.

Site Design Issue – Consumers don’t want to spend their free time reading massive blocks of text . In effective usage of images causes many customers to run away.

No plan –  A business may have impressive content but without a plan, posts may get lost in the clutter. In order to cut through the chaos and effectively deliver a message, a business needs to have measurable goals, a clear social media policy, a planned content calendar, and a defined company voice.

Conversion of engagement into business – People might like or comment on your page on Facebook or other social media platforms but this is engagement. Next step is to covert the same into business and companies lack in that conversion. By engaging you only win half the battle but you will need to include content that will direct said audience to your .

Improper Metric definition – It’s good to have many people visiting your page but it should not be only criteria for measuring the success of your campaign. It is always good to have many more metrics to measure your success rate say conversion ratio etc.

So social media if used properly can definitely be a boon for you but due to its viral nature it can turn to a bane very easily and as a Marketer you definitely need to look into that.


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