Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

With Advent of Social Media , Marketers  have  found a potential powerful medium to  engage  with a vast network of  customers  and subsequently   they are devising unique  campaigns to reach out  their customer base  and  boost the brand loyality. But  they have to  be very careful while  handling their social Media Strategy  because as simple it looks  ,  Social Media has   got its share of pit falls and trap which can adversely affect the  company’s Performance  and sometimes prove fatal .I am listing down few  pitfalls  here which  can have significant negative impact

1)Lack of Data Analytics

Experienced social media marketers do not base the efficacy of a marketing strategy on whether or not something appears to looks good. It is important to measure current performance in addition to trends over time when fine-tuning a social media marketing campaign. It is also critical to periodically measure performance dividing it into milestones and   reassess the strategy. Accordingly .Social Media can provide you with a lot of Customer Data  which might not be  comprehensible .Getting out insights and analysis  out of the  data   and filtering out the junk  is critical  for any    successful  social Media Campaign .

2) Lack of Brand’s Personality

There should be logic behind all the posts in social media and it should convey story that is aligned to the brand. It is essential to understand what story is to be told and how you want others to perceive your brand when crafting a social media campaign.  Personal anecdotes should be avoided and focus should be more on ways to engage with audience with themes behind your brand in mind.

3) Unwise Posts and Careless Approach

Social Media is not the platform to vent out negative sentiments and personal complaints .Only positive comments should be encouraged on social media sites, and respond to direct queries from audience members. As a thumb rule, do not post anything that you would not want the entire world to read and associate with your brand. Before you hit that send button, take time to reflect Keep your audience engaged by posting regularly and thoughtfully. Its  hard work to build a  positive brand image  in social media  after   sustaining  the    continuous  screening process the  users resort to but it’s  very easy to destroy   all the good will  with a single  click of key board . Too many posts can also be overwhelming for audience, and they tend to become monotonous and repetitive. Post content that contributes to your brand rather than repetitive content about products for sale. Simply reaching out and engaging your community to hear what they have to say will take your business farther than pushing your products through repetitive sales posts. Show your social audience something new and exciting.

4) Identical Treatment of all Social Media Platforms

Every social media website is unique with different audience, customs, and language and it’s critical to understand how people interact on a certain network. If a company broadcasts the same message across all platforms, it comes across as fake. It needs to understand the    User Behaviour and culture of each individual channel in order to adapt their message to each platform and make a relevant   impact and leverage its power.




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