Recent Successful Social Media Campaign through my lenses!!

SMM is everywhere, its the holy grail of New Age Marketing.We just need to open our eyes look around and absorb it. Today Let’s visit some of India’s best Social Media Campaigns from my lenses.:)
India is a mail dominant society which is still considered as most unsafe place for females on earth.
Small viral campaign on Rape?Ladies,it’s your fault by Kalki Koechlin and few stand-up comedians showcases different dimensions of a victim’s life .It emphasises the fact that “Stop Blaming the Victim” This video soon got viral and crossed 1 million views on You Tube in just 5 days .
The video had got 1,311,147 views and 688 shares1. Apart from being an interesting online social campaign, the video seems to have also garnered 886 subscriptions for AIB’s YouTube channel.
Second , TrulyMadly, a modern day matchmaking service that finds suitable matches using science and technology, launched the #BreakingStereotypes campaign that sought to break stereotypes existing in the country. It ran a social experiment where it asked boys and girls to share how they’ve faced generalizations while growing up, and curated these stereotypes into interesting visuals that could be shared on social networks. Twitter contests helped fuel the message further. Ceratin stereotypes such as a man saying “I am from Delhi & I am not a Rapist “ or a Girl mentioning “ I am from Sikkim and you may not call me Chinki”.
This campaign was huge success and it created lot of buzz , the people of the city opened up to share the stereotypes they faced, the campaign gained pace and controversial stereotypes faced by real people surfaced on social media.
Third,” Know Your VQ”, Youth brand, Channel V launched the “Know your VQ” campaign that wad powered by a site and supported through the social platforms of the television channel. ‘Know your VQ’ as the name suggests serves was a complete guide to the elections, where one can also ask questions, apart from testing their VQ and sharing the interesting visual content pieces with their friends who are first-time voters too.
The language and tone of the campaign communication had been one of double entendre, whether in its videos, text or images. The home page of the site had a cheeky video, most likely to drive youngsters to watch it and share it. “It’s your first time, don’t sweat, enjoy it.”, “You won’t regret doing it.” “Use your finger.” These are some of the headlines used in the graphic posters on the site and the images being shared on Channel V’s social networks.
This campaign soon created buzz among Youngsters and VQ videos could be seen everywhere during elections. It was a very unique way of creating Voting responsibilities among youth, as it is said” You need to be different on SMM”
This blog can not be completed without mentioning success of Brand MODI. Marketing guru Philip Kotler himself mentioned “ I am high on Narendra Modi” ,he feels entire campaign around Brand Modi was like a “ breath of fresh air”,his latest campaign of “ Swatch Bharat “ is already viral ,Video from top sports person ( Sachin Tendulkar) famous business man ( Ambani’s ) or top actors are already viral. Needless to mention Modi has 21.8 million and counting fans on his official FB page ,second only to Barack Obama.


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