Some examples of successful social media campaigns in India

With the increasing access to internet facilities in India, the internet activities have gone up tremendously. The average time spent by an Indian for internet activities has significantly gone up. Most of the time the eye balls are staring the screen of  either a desktop, laptop, tablets or cell phones. The best place for any campaign to catch the attention of the masses is the screens of these devices.

Well, the goal of campaign can be either to make something reach the zenith of popularity or burry it somewhere in the abyss. The success stories of some recent social media campaigns stand testimonial to these claims.

The song “Kolavari Di” became a sensation in the country in less than 72 hours. A phenomenon never witnessed earlier. Thanks to the social media marketing strategy! The song got more than 5 million views, seventy thousand likes and thirty thousand comments on YouTube. The song is trended on Twitter with hash tag: #Kolaveri, making the word “Kolavari” the most chased celebrity. And of course the recent youth media Facebook witnessed the song being shared by more than 20 million people in three days. Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Shreya Ghoshal, Madhavan, Anand Mahindra promoted the song by tweeting on twitter leading to thousands of tweets and millions of impressions by their followers.

MTV Roadies became the most explosive youth brand in the country, courtesy social media. Initially there were many unofficial pages that connected the audience and this TV show. During the season 8 of the show, a target was set to attract all the loyal fans first to the MTV Roadies digital platforms. In other words, to give the loyal fan-base a quick and easy access to show related content, attract new consumers and engage with them right through the season.

It became the most engaged Facebook page in India with more than 2 million fans. This was followed by 10 million visits to their website, 5 million video views on YouTube and became one of the top Channels of the country. Very soon Roadies became the most talked about brand in the social space in India.

Now let’s have a look at how a campaign became successful to draw apology from India’s leading e-commerce company. Flipkart declared 6th of October 2014, to be a Big Billion Day, a day for India’s largest discount sale ever. The company could not meet the customer expectations due to server crashes and misleading prices offered to the customers. Many customers could not buy their products due to server crashing and at the same time found the discounted prices to be much higher than the regular prices of the same products available at the website of competitor e-tailers.

Within hours, exasperated users took to Twitter, Facebook and blogging to attack the company’s strategy to trap the customers. By end of the day several videos were posted on Facebook and YouTube highlighting the troubles faced by the customers that day. At one end Flipkart was gaining infamy whereas the competitor e-tailers emerged as the firms, the customer could rely on.

Initially Flikart denied the claims but within 48 hours, when the issue became talk of the nation, the founders of Flipkart did apologize to all the registered users citing explanations for the debacle and promised better services in future. No wonder this would never have happened if social media did not exist. The campaign run by the dismayed customers did accomplish what it wanted to achieve, foregrounding how individual isolated customers can come together through the social media.

The above examples are a few anecdotes emphasizing the magnitude of success a campaign can achieve by banking on social media.


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