Some examples on successful social media campaign in India

Some of the top Social Media campaigns in India which I can think of and has impacted or influenced me in some way or others are :

1. India Against Corruption – Anna Hazare’s India against corruption movement was one of the first social media campaign which made me realize the power of social media and in true sense this is first successful social media campaign I can think of.

2. AAP Delhi Campaign – This is again from politics but yes this is the one which brought Arvind Kejriwal to win the Delhi elections and he became first social media chief minister. He got enough support on different social media forums and was able to reach a huge base of people in a short amount of time.

3. Narendra Modi Mission 272+ – This is one of the biggest Social media success campaign in India. Narendra Modi became first non Congress prime minister in India with clear cut majority on its own and decimated the ruling Congress to less than 50 seats. When campaign started no one even die hard Modi supporters were sure on its success rate. But as time passed on this man with his charisma put together a campaign which impacted all over the India and made the mission successful. BJP is right now running Misssion 44+ in Kashmir in same fashion.

4. Rice Bucket Challenge an Indian twist to IceBucketChallenge – When IceBucket challenge started in USA people in India also had fever for the same. But due to scarcity of water in India Manju Latha Kalanidhi, a 38-year-old journalist based in Hyderabad, India started this RiceBucket challenge which became a hit very soon. It made people aware of sufferings of others and how they can contribute by proper use of resources.

5. Satyamev Jayate by Aamir Khan – It is one of the serials which impacts me most and Aamir used social media very effectively to make his voice reach millions and millions of people. This is one of the proper use of social media for social cause which I can think of.

6. NDTV Aircel Save our Tigers – This is one of the campaigns which NDTV was running for past few years but once they started its website and social media campaign for signature . Its reached increased and more than 1 million people signed up for the cause.

7. Kashmir Flood – Recent floods in Kashmir valley shows us that if social media is used in proper way how can it help to save life of millions of people. Army as well as locals used social media very effectively to fight the flood and do the relief work.

8. Coca Cola NDTV Support My school campaign – A campaign which I like most and is helping lot of young students. Post its launch on social media its base has increased and millions of people has started supporting the cause in big way.

9. Flipkart Big Billion day Sale – This was one of the campaigns which made Flipkart gain its revenue of 1 billion but also made them realize the power of Social media. Post complaints by angry customers on social media forums owners need to send an apology email to customers to pacify them very next day.

10. Cadbury India Diwali Campaign – Cadbury India was always pioneer in their Diwali advertisement. With advent of social media they are taking it to next level by reaching to more customers. Each of their advertisements in you tube are more than 1 million hits.

11. Success of Kolaveri Di – Sensational and viral song which made Dhanush a super star in period of 15 days. With more than 80 million hits on social media this is one of the hit songs in Indian social media . Success of this song proved the impact which social media can cause.

12. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Clean India campaign by prime minister Modi is once again an example of how effectively through social media a campaign can spread so quickly to every household in India. Modi used the power of crowd sourcing where he nominates 10 eminent personality who in turns does this again to create a network effect. Though impact is not fully known for this campaign as it is in very initial phases but yes Buzz has been created by this campaign already.


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