Successful social media campaigns in India

1. TRULYMADLY #BreakingStereotypes

India is a nation of diversities. With so much diversity, it is not uncommon that perceptions about people of a certain community often overlook logic. Many Indians have created such hardened stereotypes that it is difficult to imagine a Punjabi vegan or a beef-eating Tamil Brahmin or for that matter even a health conscious Bengali. While many of us believe that artists struggle for a living, government office employees ‘do not work’, girls who love fashion are shallow, men from the north do not respect women, and so on, we are all falling victim to a stereotypical society.

To break such stereotypes in India, ‘’ came up with #BreakingStereotypes  campaign. TrulyMadly is a modern day matchmaking service that finds suitable matches using science and technology. It goes against the stereotypical tradition of matching horoscopes and religion and caste and family expectations to create a credible and safe interaction platform to connect with compatible singles.

For the #BreakingStereotypes campaign, the portal ran a social experiment in Delhi, where it asked boys and girls to share how they’ve faced generalizations while growing up. As the people of the city opened up to share the stereotypes they faced, the campaign gained pace and controversial stereotypes faced by real people surfaced on social media.

Each of these visuals had Facebook and Twitter share buttons to help further spreading on social media. The portal encouraged social media conversations around breaking stereotypes by sharing these visuals and also a #BreakingStereotypes contest with prizes on offer. People have shared stereotypes ranging from the funky to the thought provoking to ones that make you really sad.


2. CADBURY #MyFavDairyMilk

In the largest brand revamp in over a decade, Cadbury India has transformed its four avatars – roast almond, fruit & nut, crackle and the milk chocolate. Cadbury started by creating an interactive website, funny animated commercials and mobile games. Cadbury capitalized on social reach to help consumers make a choice of their favourite flavour, while having fun with them.

The brand had launched the #MyFavDairyMilk campaign inviting consumers to vote for their favourite flavour, as the country is enveloped in the Lok Sabha elections fever. The brand also leveraged social media to engage with the community around the new flavours, while giving away hampers of the same.

The interactive website housed all the details on the campaign starting with the TVCs introduced for each of the avatars to games a user could play with each of them and the buzz on social. Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Facebook and Twitter pages geared up the chocolate loving community to stay tuned for something new. The new packs were introduced one by one along with the respective TVC through a cover photo that revealed it in jumbled pieces. Meanwhile, fans were incentivized with product hampers to engage by sharing what they would do new using the hashtag #RevealTheNew.

On Twitter, the brand hosted a variety of contests around each of the chocolate variants. Every day, a flavour was introduced and fans needed to change their DP with the given flavour image to be eligible for the contests. Simple, fun engagement was created around the hashtag #MyFavDairyMilk, while lucky fans won the chocolate hampers.

Additionally, the website kept users engaged with fun games designed around each of the flavours. For the full game version, one could play on the Android app available on Google play – Cadbury Dairy Milk World. The app showed magic tricks if the user scanned a pack using the app. Enabled with a Facebook login, the app provided four games for each of the flavours – ‘Drop catch’ for milk chocolate, ‘Beat the heat’ for Roast almond, ‘Crackly chain’ for Crackle and ‘the Perfect pair’ for Fruit&Nut.

While ‘Score’ kept a track of your score in each of the games, leaderboard featured the high scorers. Using ‘Boosters’ one could increase their score by scanning the pack. The game too rewards weekly prizes of the chocolate hampers.

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s campaign also managed a grand debut for the new enhanced variants. By leveraging the election fever in the country, it brought into focus each of the four candidates with ample campaigning for them. A Facebook powered Android game, fun contests on Facebook and Twitter, individual introduction through little stories for each of them, helped create and sustain the social buzz.

Giving away chocolate hampers to a chocolate-loving community was a good way to spread the taste. Interestingly, the campaign also tied with product sales as one needed to scan the pack to boost their score.



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