Successful social media campaigns in INDIA

With the focus on content driven campaigns, innovation and integrated strategies, more and more brands are unearthing the social media potential. Increasingly companies are now spending heavily on social media marketing and rather making it as an integral part of their business.


Lets have a look at some of the successful social media campaigns in India.


  • Election campaign by Narendra Modi: Modi used social media as an effective tool to reach the target audience i.e. the youth of the country. This was the first election where social media has assumed an important role . From Google hangouts to social network , Mr. modi has used a variety of online tools to gauge public opinion. There were 58 million tweets between the start of 2014 and the announcement of Mr Modi’s victory. The rest we all know is history
  • Pockets app by ICICI: while most of the banks focused on helping the customer reaching the nearest ATMs in the city., ICICI bank took a bold step towards virtual financial transaction through Facebook. Unlike other banks, which offer online banking, the Facebook app from ICICI offered social activities for friends including outings, booking movie tickets and sharing expenses.
  • Aviva padding up with Sachin: India where cricket is a religion and sachin is the god. This is where AVIVA used the brand SACHIN to connect to its target customer. The campaign was effective and instantly helped in emphasizing father and the child relationship.
  • .Share the tangle: the peer-to-peer sharing by bingo encouraged people to share bingo with atleast five friends. The campaign brand message was “ Khaoge to Khilaoge”. It went viral and was a huge success.
  • Cadbury’s Kuch meetha ho jaye: the campaign that targeted the Indian household was again a huge success. Indian generally have a tendency to have something after meals or if something good happens. Cadbury introduced itself as replacement to sweet and the punch line “ Kuch meetha ho jaye” proved to be a great success factor.
  • Oh YES! Abhi Campaing by Pepsi India: focusing on the two main factors of the Indian youth “ impulsive and impatient”, Pepsi India roped in Virat Kohli, the vice captain of the Indian cricket team. The campaign focuses on that what is to be done has to be done right now and everything else can wait. The campaign is proving to be a great success.
  • Lifebuoy innovative roti reminder: with the main focus on KHUMB mela lifebuoy introduced its campaign where in all the chapattis that were made in KHUMB mela had “did you wash your hands today” engraved on it. Within few hours the campaign went viral on all forms of social media. People tweeted and even posted on Facebook. The campaign proved to be a huge success for unilever.



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