What are some examples of successful social media campaigns in India?

Successful Social Media campaigns are totally demand driven. Gone are the days, when content creation was one of the drivers of quality, today the customer engagement through content aggregation is one of the key element to define the success of social media campaign. Social Media not only give advantages of cost, but it also exposes the campaign with the help of profound network. Below are some of the successful Social Media Campaigns in India:

1) KFC

KFC is the number#1 restaurant brand on social media. The digital mantra to success were :

  • Co-creation : ‘Radio KFC RJ hunt’ which received 3000 entries from 30 Indian cities, ‘Design Your Own bucket’ which received 5500 bucket entries , ‘Sachin Tendulkar bucket designing’ on the day the Sachin Tendulkar retired
  • Feedback Fanatics: Every feedback was addressed on social media. Special attention was paid to the customers to make them feel ‘worth it!’.
  • Innovative and Interactive Campaigns: Created unique experiences like making caricatures. Our 17000 currycatures were made. Quick options from the menu of KFC in any Indian Currency note.

With this campaign, KFC was declared among the Top 5 socially devoted brands on social bakers. Overall positive sentiment of the facebook page became 93.8%. The engagement rates became thrice the sector average. With over 5 millions, KFC became top 5 brands in the country

2) 55DSL #55SecondsToLive

The other one of the most innovative and Creative campaign was launched for apparel brand 55DSL from the house of Diesel. In this campaign, the tweeps were asked what they would do if they had “55 Seconds to Live” with the hashtag #55SecondsToLive. All valid tweets should up on a virtual city with Prizes to be distributed. The campaign started trending within an hour of the launch. Zee Khana Khazana used it to promote their contest. The Twitter Campaign report showed 5 Million+ interest were generated, Total Tweets were 2921+, approved tweets: 2400+. The Microsite’s analytics says: 5726 Visitors, 6463 visits and 1.34 minutes spent on the site (Average). 78% of the campaign sentiments were positive. Hence it proved to be a great successful campaign in India.

3) Lancome India #GoNoFilter Social Media Campaign

On February 2014, Lancome geared up to launch its most awaited worldwide customer favourite skin tone corrector , Lancome India took its first steps to explore Instagram! Lancome Dream Tone believes : the way you look, things you say and do are pretty amazing the way they are, so … #GoNoFilter. Lancom kicked off exciting 7 day photo challenge on Instagram encouraging users to upload images as per the themes without using any filter. With this, Dream Tone was making its way to becoming a news and celebrity favourite. Impact of #GoNoFilter

  • +1200 targetted followers on Instagram
  • ~1000 posts using the #GoNoFilter
  • Average engagement consistent at 7-8%
  • ~2.9K likes received for 60 posts plus ~300 comments
  • Instagram Outreach: 693000
  • Twitter Outreach: 169145
  • Total Campaign Outreach: +792000

These are some of the very few social media campaigns in India, there are many more including election campaigns, “Make In India” campaign. The key is how you differentiate your campaign and make the world completely Viral about it!