Avoiding pitfalls in social media marketing

Social media has created a lot of buzz in the business circles. In this era of online presence it is not an option for a company to not be on social media. Businesses enter social media with a hope to make the best out the available space.

Social media gives business lots of advantages for organizations to reach out to their potential customers, make themselves known in the market and build a brand image. The platform presents itself as a perfect competition to the companies. While it presents a wonderful opportunity to grow their businesses there are several dangers and pitfalls that the companies should be beware of. It is a double edged sword. Social media presence can affect negatively as much as it can affect positively.

One of the critical errors company make is going too much overboard. Social media marketing allows two way interaction and helps build meaningful engage and converse with customers in real time. It is not just another channel to sell your products or promote your brand. Sure, subtle, brand building is implied in the very essence of marketing and your social media presence will undoubtedly enhance the perception and value of your brand if it is conducted skilfully.

Similarly, companies should make sure to respond to all comments by followers post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other channels one may be present on. This principle applies to both positive and constructive comments about the company or their service offerings. The biggest pitfall to avoid would be to delete negative reviews and pretend it is business as usual. Address them and, being persuasive enough, one may be able to swing the odds in their favour and the critics may become the most ardent fans. And never post negative messages about your competition. Engage with as many thought leaders in your field as possible. Follow them on Twitter and comment on their blogs to ensure the company is seen to be on top of the latest trends and news in its industry.

It is recommend to allocate a specific amount of time per day so that one can dedicate to the campaign and setting out the limits, for instance, on how many updates one is going to post per day. It doesn’t make sense to even set up a social media account if one can’t allocate sufficient time on a regular basis to service it.

Experienced social media marketers do not base the efficacy of a marketing strategy on whether or not something appears to looks good. It is important to measure current performance in addition to trends over time when fine-tuning a social media marketing campaign. It is also critical to periodically measure performance and reassess strategy. Also the online marketing should be completely consistent with their offline marketing strategies.

And the ultimate no-no of effective social media marketing? Not paying enough attention to proofreading. Proofreading everything prior to posting on the networks, a few times, and asking somebody to read over the most important content helps a lot. It is better to be safe than sorry.


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