Examples of successful social media campaigns in India

Kotak Mahindra Save with Subbu


Subbu, the jack of all trades and master adviser, expertly played by actor Vinay Pathak, has been Kotak Mahindra’s mascot since December 2011.

The ‘Subbu sab janta hai’ launched with a series of TVCs conceptualised by Cartwheel Communications and have gone a long way in spreading awareness about Kotak Mahindra Bank’s savings schemes.


The objective of this contest is to get people thinking and talking about ways to save smart and reward the outstanding savers with badges and T-shirts.


You can submit tips for saving money through Facebook or Twitter and they are displayed on the app’s landing page on Facebook. You can give as many tips as you want but they have to be approved by the brand before they are published. As a result, the tips on the page are genuinely do-able and often really smart. You can also re-tip or like other people’s tips to earn more points.

The app is excellently designed with tabs for rules, winners, adding new tips and terms and conditions. The tips are categorised under various sections like shopping and lifestyle and are fun to read. Subbu has also shared his own tips under various categories.


One of the best and most vital functions that any brand associated with money can perform is to improve financial awareness. Indians have traditionally been risk-averse when it comes to investments and even trying out new savings schemes.

So, Kotak Mahindra’s initiative may go a long way in breaking that mind-set. The contest is clean and the prize is nothing too big in terms of monetary value but the fun is in earning budgets that prove you’re financially smart.

The best part is that the filtering by the brand ensures the quality of content on the app. The response appears to be really good from what I could see.



Cadbury Celebration’s India Celebrates


This Diwali, Cadbury Celebrations  is shining through with some unique ideas that add to the joy of celebration! Here’s an amazing campaign by Cadbury Celebrations – India Celebrates – that takes customer’s delight to a different level!


Cadbury Celebrations is positioning itself a brand that is spreading joy! It is taking a moment to thank all those who remain unappreciated for most part of the year. Catching up with the festive spirit, Cadbury Celebrations is trying to connect to the Indian market by integrating its online and offline campaigns ‘Iss Diwali Aap Kisse Khush Karenge?


The application allows users are invited to wish their loved ones across the country especially those who are working or far from their family, those who are all alone or just not celebrating Diwali to the fullest.

One can select friends from their Facebook friend list and send those Diwali wishes. There is a counter on the side showing the number of people using the application. More than 12,000 wishes have been sent which is a very good number and it went increasingly viral!

There is also a virtual mail box to keep a track of the Greetings Sent to and Received by friends


With this campaign, Cadbury not only stimulates engagement but also cultivates and cherishes brand loyalty. It is giving a memorable, joyous experience to its target audience by becoming a part of their endearing relationships.

Cadbury is also attempting to subtly promote the Celebrations range to the ‘mithai’ loving Indian market as a typical gift for a festive occasion.

The application is well constructed and articulately integrated with the other marketing efforts by Cadbury.

The same concept is also promoted on other Social Media platforms like Twitter and YouTube.



Pockets app by ICICI


While most Indian Banks have not gone beyond informing their customers as to the location of their ATMs in the city, and probably IPL cricket score updates, ICICI has made a bold and integrated step towards virtual financial transaction through Facebook, offering multiple features such as mobile recharge, movie ticket booking, and easy money transfers.


ICICI’s latest Facebook campaign, Pockets by iCICI Bank, is aimed at the young and dynamic youth facilitating financial transactions, socializing group activities and secure transfers of money.

The campaign instructions clearly state that the transactions can happen between ICICI and ‘any other bank’ through its Facebook app, which appears multilateral at the first sight, but is quite user-friendly.

One of its objectives is clearly to leverage its large user base and encourage them to indulge in virtual money transfers in two to three simple steps.


There are three in-built applications in Pockets by ICICI Bank, which allow users to transfer money, book movie tickets and recharge mobile phones without the hassle of memorizing too many numbers and alphanumeric passwords.

The first feature of the app – Split n Share – allows users to split and track group expenses and share with their friends on Facebook.

The Pay a Friend feature of the app allows customers to transfer funds to their friends without having to divulge any bank account details like account number, bank branch, branch IFSC code etc. Through this facility, customers can create electronic coupons that can be redeemed by their friends on the ICICI bank’s website. Through this app, users can also recharge their mobile phones on Facebook itself.

Interestingly, the app includes socializing features such as booking movie tickets for friends and family on Facebook, as well as allowing users to plan, share, and display their trips through this app. Users can invite friends to plan their favourite movies on Facebook and instantly book the tickets using the app.

The app runs on https and uses 128 bit encryption which keeps customer information safe. Registration of an ICICI account is based on the customer’s debit card number and PIN authentication to avoid misuse. The one time password option on every transaction ensures verification of the customer identity.

While the app assures consumers of secure transaction at almost every step, it also offers non-financial transactions to customers who can also carry out a wide range of non-financial transactions through this app. The list includes viewing a summary as well as a mini statement of their savings bank account, getting credit card details and getting a Demat holding statements.

Through this app, a customer can open a fixed or recurring deposit, order a cheque book, stop a cheque payment and upgrade their debit card.


Pockets by ICICI app is a unique technological innovation by ICICI Bank. The app is convenient and user friendly.

This innovation is in line with ICICI’s philosophy of ‘Khayaal Aapka’ wherein the bank offers products and services which make banking easier and more convenient for customers. It is an integrated effort by the brand to take its core message out to social media.

Through the redeemable coupons strategy, the app integrates offline banking with online banking. As a whole, the campaign facilitates sensible applications, discussions, actions and transactions. The payment gateways of the app are highly secure and the guidelines clearly state that.






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