How do you compare twitter and Facebook as tools of Social Media campaigns?

Facebook and Twitter had always been considered The best tools for Social Media marketing for its huge user base and impressive reachability. Nevertheless, both the tools have its own advantages and flip-side as far as their strategies are concerned. Lets look and compare few such strategies and KPIs of both the platforms.

Network Reach – Facebook as a social media tool outperforms Twitter in terms of reachability. With 1.2Bn user base it caters to an unprecedented 5Bn items being shared daily.It has almost 5 times as many users and 10 times as many daily shares as Twitter.This much smaller reach is probably why Twitter claims just 13% of social media advertising budgets compared to 57% for Facebook.

Ad Performance -According to AdWeek, “engagement rates” for Twitter ads can be as high as 1-3%, much higher than Facebook’s average CTR of 0.119%However, average CPM (cost per impression) is significantly higher on Twitter, at up to $3.50 compared to an average CPM of $0.59 on Facebook, and Twitter does not release stats on ROI (109% for Facebook).Twitter claims that Promoted Trends provide a 22% lift in brand conversion, 30% lift in positive mentions and 32% lift in retweets.

Mobile Ad Performance -Since Twitter ads show up in the timeline instead of off to the side, they’re in a better position to dominate on mobile. Facebook ads, on the other hand, are in the right rail, which doesn’t even exist on the Facebook mobile app. As such, Facebook is failing its mobile advertisers.Facebook only has one native ad format in the Facebook app, the App Promotion Ad. All Twitter ads show up both on desktop and mobile.By 2015, Twitter is expected to net $1.33 billion in worldwide ad revenue, and more than 60% of that will be from mobile ads.

Ad Formats – Facebook’s Ad Formats include App Ads, Domain Ads, Mobile App Ads, Offer Ads, page Like Ads, Page Post-link Ads, Page Post-photo Ads, Page Post text Ads, Page Post Video Ads and Sponsored Stories. Twitter Ad formats include Promoted Tweets, promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends.

Reactive Vs Proactive – Facebook is proactive as its major aim is to keep people informed of what’s happening.Twitter is reactive and focuses on speeding things up, often becoming a source in and of itself.The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street are two notable movements that had their start on Twitter.

Facebook is a Routine and Twitter is a Hobby – Facebook Users are encouraged to enter their real personal information and connect to family and friends. Nevertheless they are cautious of not putting something that can offend their family members. Twitter, on the other hand allows a level of anonymity; you can be yourself, but you’re free to create an avatar as well.This difference leads to Twitter providing access to certain levels of honest feedback from consumers that they won’t get from Facebook. If a consumer complains about a company on Facebook, for example, they’re likely to keep it confined to a single post on either their personal timeline or the company’s. With Twitter, a single tweet directly to the company provides the same impact in a more concise manner, especially when #hashtags are used.


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