Pitfalls business need to avoid in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a hot topic for businesses and getting social media strategies right can be a great way for a business to engage with its target market ,but social media efforts can drive potential customers away just as easily.

One of the most dangerous errors marketers can make is being overly promotional. Social media marketing allows us to engage and converse with your customers in a meaningful way. It is not just another way to sell your products or promote your brand. Sure, subtle, brand building is implied in the very essence of marketing and your social media presence will undoubtedly enhance the perception and value of your brand if it is conducted skilfully.

As a marketer we need to respond to all comments followers post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media channels. This applies to both positive and negative comments about company or services. The biggest pitfall to avoid would be to delete negative reviews and pretend it is business as usual.

Quality over Quantity is what really matters, purchasing Facebook “Likes” or Twitter followers will never get you right set of customers. After all, We can not buy loyal customers.!!

Not Linking Digital Marketing efforts is another big pitfall for marketers,some businesses make the mistakes of keeping their social media accounts separate from each other and from other online marketing efforts. This makes the sites harder to find and consumers aren’t going to spend much time searching. In order to have the maximum amount of reach, accounts should be tied together and linked to company websites and paid search advertising campaigns.

Further,Not Using Images on SMM is another pitfall. Consumers don’t want to spend their free time reading massive blocks of text. Even a short post without an image can easily go unnoticed. In fact, tweets including an image have 200 percent more engagement than tweets without images. On Facebook, posts with photos get more likes, comments, and 50 percent more impressions than plain text posts. Not only should a business use images, they should use colorful images that are visually stimulating. If a business is displaying a product, it should be shown in action. For example, if a company sells T-shirts, instead of showing a shirt on a table, they should show someone wearing it. If a company sells food, it should be shown ready to eat instead of behind the glass of a display

Not Putting Thought Into the Bio is the another pitfall which should be avoided.On many social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, the description of the company is the first thing people see. It’s important to include a URL linking to the main site as well as a creative and descriptive bio that will let people know what the company does and give them a good reason to follow or like the page. A company has a few short lines to make an impression and encourage the consumer to take action.

Oreo Cookie quickly lets consumers know a little bit about their product, gives a direct link to their website, and gives the consumer a good reason to follow them.

Lastly, we need to know the difference between conventional marketing and Social Media Marketing. Conventional marketing is all about product however SMM is all about customer emotions and his/her likings & dislikings. As a marketer we need to find a space where we can bring conventional and social media marketing together ,making the campaign work for both product and users.