Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

Social Media has come a long way from working on the supply side of business to the demand side, from being 2% part of the marketing budget a decade ago to 10% now due to its reach, ability to precisely target, to monitor progress and get the required ROI. A good social media campaign can lead to a massive positive impact with people everywhere talking good about the product but a little complacency can be extremely expensive as it can lead to a detrimental impact on the brand with people talking only negative. There are several pitfalls one should be careful of while executing a social media marketing plan. Here, we will discuss the critical ones.

Primarily, one should be prepared to withstand screening. The marketing manager should get his team in a room and brainstorm. It is important for the marketing team to foresee any challenges in terms of customer requests and feedback that can be obtained through the campaign. The social media campaign should be able to actively engage its customers by dynamically meeting the request of its customers and building up on its followers.  Two major ground roles need to be remembered here, the customers should feel left out in case they have not experienced the campaign. Also, the customers should not feel mislead when they know the purpose of the campaign.

Secondly, the marketing manager should listen very closely to the customer and not let the campaign go in the wrong direction. This is what happened with McDonald’s or the campaign “that girl Emily” , the campaign got out of control and ended up gathering negative publicity for McDonalds and people perusing a fictitious girl in the latter one.

Thirdly, the marketing manager should assume a content aggregation role rather than a content creation one. The marketing manager should understand that he can only reach a handful of audience by being a content creator but he can touch a much wider base of audience by being a content aggregator. This can be initiated by the marketing manager by creating an ecosystem where avid bloggers and others feel comfortable in expressing themselves and actively contributing.

Fourthly, the managers should not employ the conventional marketing principals to social media campaigns. The marketing manager has to adopt an entirely different methodology for a social media marketing campaign as against a conventional marketing campaign. The marketing manager needs to focus on listening to the customer and addressing his concerns through a viable and fast paced solution mechanism rather than on the product and services of the company.

Fifthly, the marketing manager should plan how to convert engagement into business. The marketing manager has to ensure that the budget invested in creating value gets the required returns planned for the company. This may not be an easy task given the nature of the social media marketing campaigns. But extracting value is a core objective of these campaigns.


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