Pitfalls to watch out for before diving into Social media!

Social media is a very powerful tool and can help in providing invaluable insights about the customer. As helpful as it can be, when used without a specific plan or knowledge, it can rebound and have negative impacts. Hence it is very important to understand what not to tread on when embracing social media.

  1. No prior research :

A lot of companies get swept away in the wave of social media without sparing a thought of who, what, when and where questions that need to be answered to have a successful social media strategy. It is imperative to first “listen” using social media monitoring tools. This provides very useful data about customers, their needs, their issues, competitor products. Hence without efforts put into “listening” there are chances of missed opportunities in the areas of marketing, customer service, partnering, sales and public relations.

  1. No Accountability of social media:

When companied start developing their social media plans, key roles and responsibilities should be allocated and the ownership of the initiative should be clearly defined. Also the distribution of responsibilities should be keeping in mind all the parts of the organisation. Once the ownership is identified, the various departments should work in collaboration so that there is consistency in representing the brand.

  1. Failing to post and respond:

Most companies start off with a lot of enthusiasm on social media and slowly fade away. This sends out the wrong message to the public. In order to avoid this, the company should take care to post consistently by identifying the content writers, resources to listen and monitor. Brand recall is a very important aspect in business and it is of utmost importance to be in their radar through posts that meet their needs. It is also equally important to respond immediately to the customer’s queries or relevant comments since that would reflect sincerity and passion to serve their expectations.

  1. Digitally Unsavvy team :

In order to capitalise on the benefits of social media, the marketers need to understand social media themselves. The good part is that they can learn to be socially savvy through trainings, active participation and customer engagement.

  1. Data handicap :

Even though it is true that decisions should be data driven, one should not let data get in the way of creativity. Sometimes experience working in a certain situation is more valuable than data. It is important to recognise such situations and using discretion to decide when to decide solely based on data and when to use data just as an indicator.

  1. Lack of creative ideas:

Customer’s attention span can be very short lived if the posts and initiatives are not creative. Hence it is important not to get lost on just the technicalities of the social media. Time should be dedicated to bring in creativity through illustrations and videos which is driven on humour, motivation, inspiration etc.

  1. Not keeping a watch on competition:

It is not sufficient to manage just your campaign. Since almost everyone gets into social media nowadays, it is important to watch competitor’s every move and get inspired to come up with new innovative ideas to further leverage on social media.

  1. Getting discouraged by negative feedback:

There are high chances that when on social media the number of negative responses will almost be the same volume or possibly higher than positive feedback since there is no need to hold back on such platforms. Hence it is important to focus on quality feedback and constructive criticism rather than be hung up on the negatives. This would help in focussing on the right areas of improvement.

So before you dive deep down into the seas of Social Media, plan your goals and have a vision for the roadmap to success !


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