Social Media Marketing – Pitfalls to watch out for !

Pitfalls to watch out for while leveraging Social Media Marketing

Social media is no more an option today, it’s a mandate if you have to survive & succeed. It’s a powerful marketing platform to reach masses at very low costs. A successful social media campaign will improve your brand awareness and attract consumers, however a bad campaign will drive your customers far away just as easily. There are certain aspects of social media which one has to be careful.

The first & foremost thing is to have a specific social media strategy and it should be well aligned with marketing strategy & business objectives, hence it cannot be done in isolation. Without a clear strategy, businesses could create the best content on the web, but receive little to no engagement. The objective of social media plan cannot be just sales. The focus should be on subtle branding, customer connect & increased loyalty.

Define your critical success factors, specific outcomes and its measures. Don’t be too paranoid with ROI, in social media campaign the ROI measurement is very different than conventional marketing practices. They could be footfalls, click per 1000 impressions and so on.

You have to be very careful of what you post on social media, because in no time it will go viral and then it would be beyond your limits to control its impact on your brand. Good idea would be to limit the creation of content. Instead allow your fans & followers to create one. The campaign should be self-driven. Such campaign tend to be more impactful. However, you have to be careful with the effect of screening. Anticipate where the consumer’s sentiment could go through and what it would mean for your product.

One of the powerful tool that social media provides is network effect. You have to identify who are the followers, influencers & advocators of your brand. Most importantly you need to know who is creating the noise and need to either eliminate or avoid them in your network. Generally you should encourage your advocator and influencer to preach about the brand and increase its brand reach as far as possible.

Don’t just keep promoting on your social medial channels. Develop an art to listen to what your consumers are saying, engage them in conversation and establish a long lasting relationship. The worst thing to do on a social media platform is to delete negative comment or talking negative about your competitors. Avoid such things, instead face the concern head-on and fully address the concern. You will be able to prove yourself more trustworthy by doing so.

Social media demands use of technology and it should be done smartly. You need to identify which platforms really makes sense. Should the campaign have more videos or graphics or both? Hashtags provides a sleek way for businesses to insert themselves into conversations and trending topics that make sense, while also enabling doubling engagement.

Avoid being a dull & boring space on social media. Your campaign should be fresh, innovative & creative so as to latch maximum eyeballs. The key for your campaign to go viral is its uniqueness and the attachment factor with the target consumers.


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