Successful Indian Social Media Campaign


We have all brought up eating Parle-G biscuit and even today the biscuit wrapper has the same girl’s picture. It’s an Indian heritage biscuit. Saying this, can we assume that such a well-known brand does not need much focus on marketing??

I was amazed to see this digital campaign done by Parle-G where they created a digital campaign to bring out the genius in a child and helps parents to understand their philosophy. They engaged Ruskin Bind and developed a microsite  that contains various sections like Genius Gyaan – stories by Ruskin Bond, Parents Quotient – mother blogger shares her experience with parenting and Diary of a Genius – school experiences written by a child. They created a Facebook page which hosted lots of games & quizzes which the children could participate & win exciting prizes. On twitter the brand was conversing with users by tagging them and asking them to visit the site.

They even launched a mischievous child video on Youtube, which showed various annoying habits and parents were asked how they would react when they saw their kids doing the same. The answers were to be given on Twitter.

The Success Mantra

  • Picked right brand ambassador, Ruskin Bond, since he strikes an instant chord with kids and is extremely popular among them. The Facebook page hosts multiple threads of posts & videos and all these contents are generated by users. User generated content is a great way to engage users.

  • The focus on this campaign is not directly on increasing the sale, instead they are using blogs to add value to the society and are subtly branding themselves.

  • Another learning from this campaign was that they kept the basics right. Parle G effectively targeted parents since parents are the ones who take buying decisions along with children who highly influence the buyer. They even kept their branding consistent everywhere!


Tanishq – “Confession of a bride”

Tanishq introduces a unique & innovative digital campaign “Confession of a bride” where they engaged with modern brides and gave them a chance to fulfil their wedding wish, if it happened to be the most unique one!

Every Indian bride wants her wedding to be special and wants to give some exquisite touch to the event. Tanishq leveraged this idea and launched a month long campaign where they invited the to-be-brides to confess their wedding wish with Tanishq. The lucky bride with most unique confession would stand a chance so her wish come to true for her wedding. Many other brides had an opportunity to win goodies like pre-wedding styling trials, gift vouchers, make-ups, etc.

With an intention to connect more with the consumer, Tanishq also provides with various apps such as creating your own wedding hashtag, wedding rituals contents, wedding planner & gift registry.  The campaign was launched using website, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter. There were stylists managing various queries & tips using the Twitter handle.

The Success Mantra

  • Target specific marketing – Social media campaign would target young women who would have more involvement in buying decision. The campaign was very well differentiated from a routine television add.

  • Objective was never on Sales, rather it was towards the brand making relationship with consumer. By fulfilling such wishes which are close to heart, Tanishq has created the soft corner in the targeted segment, to-be-bride, while also promoting its wedding collection.



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