Successful social media campaigns in India

The past few years have seen several social media based campaigns, growing ever more innovative and “out-of-the-box”  evolving with the medium that is social media.

While all  successful campaigns appear absolutely unique in content and concept- a few key characteristics run common in every campaign setting apart the ones that actually generate sales from the ones that bring only mindless clicks.

Through this post I would like to analyse some successful social media campaigns in India while decoding some key characteristics that led to their success.

#1 Old Spice India ‘#WhatsInTheTub’


Old Spice introduced Milind Somen as the face of the brand in 2012, it also set about defining its new signature smell as ‘mantastic’. To reinforce the magic of mantastic smelling, Old Spice had launched ‘#WhatsInTheTub’ campaign in April 2013. The campaign involved Milind Soman being featured in a tub wearing nothing but the mantastic smell. The campaign involved sharing the ‘Mantastic’ movie posters  on social media where the tub replaced the main lead and established a personality for the bathing tub.

Key Success factors :

Focused and targeted  – on a simple issue of re-establishing the mantastic smell

Simple – Simple sharing of posters and tweets.

Engaging content – Relying on Milind soman’s appeal.


#2: Vespa India ‘Do you Vespa?’

Vespa -the iconic two wheeler brand  launched its global campaign “Do you Vespa?” a little differently when they came to India. With a focus on generating aspiration for its brand, Vespa asked fans to create stories that personified the Vespa spirit on Twitter. Vespa India provided the opening line for the story featuring any one of the character in the ad, twitter users had to take the story ahead in their imaginative and fantasy colored tweets.

Key Success factors:

The Right medium for the right message: – choosing twitter encouraged wacky and edgy story scripts with limited characters.

Memorable – Made memorable by telling stories that have an emotional resonance for the audience and they could immediately identify with.

#3: Oreo Orange Creme “#OreoBesties”:

When Oreo Orange Creme was launched in India, the cookie brand launched an activity based campaign to reinforced the friendship between Oreo cookie and Orange crème. They did so by calling them #OreoBesties. Twitter users were invited to share selfies with their best friend with the hashtag.  on-the-go customised visuals were created from the fan tweets that showcased their #BestieBond.

Key success factors:

– Simplicity

– Emotional Resonance with audience and brand values

– Engaging content.

#4: KFC India ‘So Veg So Good’

Realizing the vast Indian vegetarian consumer segment potential, KFC India  launched it’s ‘So Veg So Good’ campaign with a television commercial featuring comedian Vir Das. Before the commercial was aired – KFC India social media pages put up content highlighting Das’s new found obsession with KFC inviting the community to guess it. Reactions from fans were also invited in the form of memes, and the #omgKFChasveg. The best memes were given out free KFC vouchers.

Key Success factors:

1. Targeted -set of clear objectives and success criteria and laser targeting.

2.Great Content – great content presented in an interesting and engaging way.

#5:  Famebox “American Swan Beauty & the Blogger”

Famebox, an online talent platform  launched a web reality show called “American Swan Beauty & the Blogger” in April 2013. The contest teamed up  a fashion model and a blogger,.The model bringing up the glamour quotient, and the blogger creating the needed buzz with real-time social media updates, videos and pictures . The campaign leveraged  Facebook, the website and Twitter, to drive eyeballs to the Famebox YouTube Channel for fashion.

Key Success factors:

1. Targeted -set of clear objectives and success criteria and laser targeting.

2.Great Content – great content presented in an interesting and engaging way.

3. Right Medium – Used the right channels to reach right users and incite the expected actions.





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