Thesis of screening for social media marketing

There’s so much data on the web, so much!! Nowadays it’s very easy to find some data about anyone. If you want to know something about a person, just google it. You will find at least some data about that person. In case you need more look for him on Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter. You may even find some videos related to that person on YouTube. Now what you find defines how that person might be. You can simply screen a person’s internet activities.

Your activities can be easily screened.  Actually, it’s you who is getting screened. Any objectionable activity done in the past is sufficient to portray you as a person of bad deeds. You need to be very careful about your internet activities. These days, whether you like it or not, hirers are using social networks to screen job applicants. This means it is important to carefully manage your image on these types of sites. This means that job seekers need to have their online act in order before they begin looking for a job.

If a common man needs to take so much of care then definitely the business firms need to take utmost care about their marketing campaigns. They can get screened for their activities. Social media can pull you down in no time. The best example is the recent case of Flipkart’s Big Billion Day campaign. Failure to meet the promised benefits got them screened within 48 hours. It will take a lot to rebuild a clean image.

Social media has the fastest and the farthest reach. Marketing through social media is very cheap compared to the conventional marketing mantras. The ROI on social media marketing is very high. But, if the campaign goes wrong it gets screened for all the bad reasons. No need to mention, the speed and reach of social media can hamper the business ambitions.

The challenge is the ability to withstand screening. Marketing should be done in such a way that your objective is also achieved and your intentions do not get highlighted as selfish ones. This can be done by doing neutral promotions or by creating the market need without highlighting the brand behind it. Good examples for this would be the campaign done by Hero Moto Corp during the hockey world cup.

Create value for customers or create market by creating the needs. Do not campaign under the name of any brand. Even though the entire market share does not increase but the market size has increased leading to increase in the top line and bottom line for the company. It will be conceived that the manufacturer is keeping pace with the latest technology and is the pioneer in this field.

A simple example for a mobile phone manufacturer could be for set a campaign on Facebook or YouTube highlighting particular operating software as the best ones in the market and then launch phones which operate on that operating software to catch customer attention.

So here is the magic mantra: Woo the customers by signaling without getting screened.


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