What are some examples of successful social media campaigns in India?

Some of the famous and interesting social media campaigns in 2014 are:

  1. Café Cuba created a coffee revolution in India in April 2014. Café Cuba used an interesting way to market the product. It used MS-DOS based interaction with the user to present the origin of the drink to the product. The user had to follow the instructions to view the complete visual and also this visual was entirely created from keyboard characters. While they set the stage an year back using traditional ways to market such as TV advertisement, invitation to people to try the drink and print media the company also created online presence on social media sites and communication messengers Social media is mainly driving the community to the website; it is being shared on the brand’s social media pages. Cafe Cuba’s 85K fans strong Facebook page has a brand new cover photo and wall updates talking about the MS DOS style story. The Cuban Guy on Twitter is at his chirpy best chatting up with people and inviting them to experience and join the coffee revolution. While most of the users have loved the website, many haven’t tasted Cuba yet. The Cuban guy takes your name and address and promises to give you a taste of the new drink. However I am not sure about the fulfillment of the promises made.
  2. Truly Madly is a modern day match making service that breaks the stereotype existing the country. It ran a social experiment where it asked boys and girls to share how they’ve faced generalizations such as difficult to imagine a Punjabi vegan or a beef-eating Tamil Brahmin or for that matter even a health conscious Bengali or the once such as artists struggle for a living, government office employees ‘do not work’, girls who love fashion are shallow, men from the north do not respect women, and so on. Truly Madly used this to curate interesting visuals that could be shared on social networks. The portal encouraged social media conversations around breaking stereotypes by sharing these visuals and also a #BreakingStereotypes contest with prizes on offer. People have shared stereotypes ranging from the funky to the thought provoking to ones that make you really sad.
  3. KFC has gone out of the way to woo the veggies in India. In the bid to tap the vast vegetarian consumer segment KFC introduced ‘So Veg So Good’ campaign. The campaign was introduced on social media a few days prior with teaser updates. Fans were asked to guess what Vir Das was going crazy about at KFC. Beginning April, the brand updated its Facebook cover photo with messages like ‘What’s up with Vir Das?’ The Twitter page put up tweets talking about Das’s new romantic interest. Vir Das also contributed by tweeting about the new campaign to his followers. This was followed by inviting the community to express their reaction on KFC coming up with veg options using memes, and a fitting hashtag #omgKFChasveg. The best memes were gratified with KFC vouchers.
  4. Pocket app by ICICI: Banking domain is considered as risk averse in terms of shift in technology or in adoption of new technology. However ICICI bank took a lead in the features such as virtual transaction through Facebook. Indian bank have not entered into virtualization as of yet. Prior to ICIC bank Ing-Direct, in Australia, had taken another bold step in virtualization. With the increase in penetration of Facebook in India, it was an initiative to target young online users and create a product that integrates bank with social media. The Facebook app offered social activities for friends and families such as planning outings, booking movie tickets, sharing expenses and recharge mobile phones without the hassle of memorizing too many numbers and alphanumeric passwords. This app got very high attention at the time of launch however it did not last very long.

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