Indian Social Media landscape is in exciting phase currently. With more and more focus on creativity, innovation and rationally integrated strategies, there is a massive interest shown by brands in this space. Below are listed some examples. These campaigns not only are successful and interesting, but also provide an inspirational food for thought for those enterprises which are considering engaging customers online.

  • Pepsi, who bagged sponsorship rights for IPL 2013 launched “The Great Indian Catch” contest that used Google maps and Facebook Check-In functions. The objective was to engage as many cricket fans and create excitement among them.  In order to participate, the user had to login via Facebook and give access to the Facebook check-ins feature at different cities on the map of India as defined in the application itself. The game is played on the entire map of India. Batsmen would hit the ball to different parts of the country while fielders would have to field the ball. Players were allowed to play 20 balls in a day across 300+ cities. Highest scores will be displayed on the leaderboard and winners get a chance to get VIP box tickets for IPL matches.

Pepsi, considering the high cricket viewership in India, took benefit of this window of opportunity and executed the idea brilliantly.

First, combining social media with gaming not only helped to engage audience but also took gamification to a whole new level.

Second, making the players play balls at different time intervals made users visit the app more frequently.

Third, the game involved player’s Facebook friends. One could invite them to play the game and send virtual gifts and merchandise. This immediately triggered the viral nature of the campaign.

Finally, the user friendly and simple interface of the application made it more interesting and intriguing.

  • “Life of I” campaign, promoted by Star Movies, was launched to provide a highly rich audio-visual engagement of the film “Life to Pi” to the audience. It’s an award winning Hollywood film and Star Movies took an interesting digital and social route to reach its audience through an interactive trio of web, Twitter and Facebook. Pi has been turned into ‘I’ to make it personalized for its social media enthusiasts.

The main attractions of the campaign – high quality videos, excellent photographs, wallpapers, background score of the film, custom video for the users based on their social data – make it highly engaging. The campaign goes a step forward and lures you by offering free trips to Taiwan, Puducherry etc. if you happen to be the lucky winner of Facebook ‘Life of I Contest’. To participate in the contest, users need to login to the Star Movies Facebook page and find the ticket. This will invariably increase their social media presence.

Also, if you a give a missed call to the given number on its website, you will get a reminder minutes before the film goes live on the channel. This is to ensure that you do not miss the premiere. To make it even more intriguing, the campaign page also shares a couple of behind-the-scene facts of the film such as how a real tiger was used in the film. The campaign was sure a success because of couple of reasons.

First, the campaign beautifully integrates all forms of social media. The web, the Facebook page and Twitter are interlinked at several junctions, yet offering seamless experience to users.

Second, the total number of missed calls, SMSs and the number of logins into the contest help the brand measure the number of people who watched the premiere through digital campaign. This method helps directly to measure the success of the campaign.

Third, the campaign tends to become a highly personalized one as it uses users’ social data such as users’ zodiac sign is used to calculate compatibility with Richard Parker’s not to mention the use of “I” in place of “Pi” in the original film.

Finally, the cinematography, the device agnostic make the overall campaign highly innovative




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