What are some successful examples of Social Media campaigns in India?

Social Media campaigns had been taking the world at storm since past few years and participants starting from organizations, Non profits to governments and activists are leveraging its extreme power to achieve their own goals. India, as one of the participants has been benefitted in many ways over the past few years. Several campaigns running across several timelines covering and highlighting trivial to serious public policy issues had been covered in these kind of campaigns. Lets take a look at few of the best social media campaigns in India. (Not Ranked)

1.BJP Victory in General Elections @narendramodi – A party leader who has the second most Facebook fans in the world (after Obama) and whose election speech was projected in 3D holograms simultaneously at 100 locations. An intensive social media campaign across all the imaginable channels, aiding a staggering victory. During the recent Indian elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party achieved not only a majority of Parliament seats, but also showed the world that the world’s largest democracy has come of age in the digital era.He has 5Mn Twitter followers, 20 Mn Facebook ‘Likes’, his own website and a team of professionals managing his social media strategy. Barack Obama is the only other politician to have more Facebook fans than Modi.

2. ICICI Bank “Magic Pencil” project #IfIHadTheMagicPencil – For the launch of ICICI Bank’s Creative Masters Drawing contest, where participants could contribute to a social cause with their drawings, the brand launched the Magic Pencil Project which promised to give away magic pencils with which one could bring their imaginations to life. A site was created along with a blog, and platforms on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to generate curiosity on the Magic Pencil Project.(84000 views in Youtube)

3. Pepsi India IPL7 #ThatPepsiIntern – Pepsi, the official sponsor of IPL7 had brand ambassador and actor Ranbir Kapoor join Pepsi as an intern to bring all the thrill and action from IPL to cricket fans. Beginning with the Twitter handle @ThatPepsiIntern, sharing live tweets on the IPL. The campaign went on to fire him and announced 15 internships through social media. These interns won an all expenses paid trip to UAE, VIP access to the matches and close encounters with celebrities.

4. MasterCard India #World Beyond Cash – In a significant move to engage the growing youth of the nation, MasterCard had launched ‘World Beyond Cash’ in India where students and young professionals were invited to submit their ideas for a world beyond cash. A Facebook app was created where participants could submit their ideas in the form of poems, essays, illustrations, flowcharts, videos etc. (http://lighthouseinsights.in/mastercard-india-world-beyond-cash-social-media-campaign.html/)

5. TrulyMadly #BreakingStereotypes – TrulyMadly, a modern day matchmaking service that finds suitable matches using science and technology, launched the #BreakingStereotypes campaign that sought to break stereotypes existing in the country. It ran a social experiment where it asked boys and girls to share how they’ve faced generalizations while growing up, and curated these stereotypes into interesting visuals that could be shared on social networks. Twitter contests helped fuel the message further. (http://lighthouseinsights.in/trulymadly-breakingstereotypes-social-media-campaign.html/)

6. Oreo Orange Cream #OreoBesties – For the promotions of Oreo Orange Creme, the cookie brand launched a series of activities that reinforced the friendship between Oreo cookie and Orange crème by calling them #OreoBesties. Fans were invited to share their wacky selfies with their best friend using the hashtag. Visuals with the two asked fans to guess what one said to the other. Live customised visuals were created out of fan tweets that described their #BestieBond. (http://lighthouseinsights.in/oreo-orange-creme-oreobesties-social-media-campaign.html/)

7. Old Spice India #WhatsInTheTub -With Old Spice introducing supermodel Milind Soman as the face of the brand last year, it also set about defining the new ‘Mantastic’ smell. To reiterate the magic of smelling Mantastic, the deodorant brand had launched ‘#WhatsInTheTub’ campaign, where Milind was featured in a tub wearing only the Mantastic smell. ‘Mantastic’ movie posters were shared on social media where the tub replaced the main lead. (11 Million views in Youtube).


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