Comparison of Twitter and Social Media as tools of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become very important to get an edge over the competitors, who are not on Social Media or are not able to utilise it to the fullest. Social networking sites available for marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. The two most popular for social networking are Facebook and Twitter where most of the campaigns happen. Even if they provide similar kind of experiences to the user with a different way of interaction and engagement but still there are lot of differences. A social Media Marketer should keep in mind those differences while launching the campaigns on both the platforms. Facebook is richer when it comes to holding and releasing contents for your audience whereas Twitter is more focussed on context and releasing information as it is happening in real time. It can take lot of time, resources and money to master and grow your social communities until you see positive ROI.

Below are some of the points which should be taken care while launching a campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Mass Marketing: Twitter is exposed to entire universe of people. There are no friend limitations and the brand can reach out to the mass 200 Million active users anytime. It’s easy to connect and invite the targeted audience to follow the brand. Facebook gives flexibility to invite all of the friends, connections easily to the brand’s facebook page. However, the downside to this is when you run out of friends to invite you have to rely on other people to invite people to the page or create remarkable content that will stand out and attract more people to your brand. If you’re low on budget/advertising for your social media go with this. Hence, in two words Mass Marketing is more effective in Twitter as compared to Facebook.
  • Authentic Connections: Facebook gives a very reliable source incase of authentic connections. Authentic Connections means a user cannot give false information about himself/herself on Facebook as there would be many people associated with the user to question the false information given while it’s not the case with Twitter.
  • Trends: Companies have often mistaken that the trends given in Twitter are correct and they can predict the behaviour but this is also not false that the trends posted by Twitter are momentary and based on that formulating a strategy to launch a campaign may not be a good strategy. Facebook on the other hand offers paid advertising solutions that will help draw attention to the brand’s Facebook page and reach a larger audience you currently have.
  • Profiling: Profiling is also one of the options provided by both Facebook and Twitter. Using Facebook as a login for other sites helps in making available the Facebook content of the site or the brand. It actually helps in authenticating and building trust between the user and the brand. Twitter also provides profiling facility. The only thing is purpose of profiling on Facebook and Twitter could be different. In case of Facebook, it could be trust and incase of Twitter, it could be the mass marketing.

Hence the above key points could be useful in deciding for a social media campaign platform. The pros and cons of each platform is different, although they may seem similar.