Facebook Vs Twitter

Twitter and Face book  deliver  information to their Users in  different ways , Hence   reaching out  to the target customers   for marketing needs  is very different  for  both social Media .Lets analyse  various parameters which differentiate  them  and how We need to plan our marketing strategy accordingly to suit their diverse User  base . I have listed down few critical differences between  both  which marketers should keep in mind while planning their Social Media Strategy.

  • Demographics: Research shows that Twitter has better reach to younger people between age group of 19 to 29 while face book is more popular among seniors and Women.
  • Real Time communication  and Elevator Pitch : Tweets  support Real time communication  and helpful   catering to   convenient  customer service   needs of the company .IT  also  help solving a critical issue faced by businesses  : Short Attention Span of consumers .The message is conveyed  in 140 characters  and Messages has to be crisp  containing all relevant information needed to be conveyed .IT can be summed  up as an Elevator Pitch On the other hand face book allows to share  a lot of redundant information which might distract the
  • Authenticity: Twitter is more suited for Viral Trends which can sometimes lack authenticity and be fluke while Face book is more about authentic communication and building relationship.
  • Profiling : Face book is good for  getting a background information and Profiling of  a user since Users desist  from posting Fake information due to presence of known ones in their connections while on Twitter it’s difficult to trace the authenticity due to presence of multiple accounts
  • User base : Face book is still a bigger medium with  around 1.3 billion users  hence the reach can be   deeper   here while Twitter is still catching up  with around 271 Users .
  • Engagement Rates: engagement rates (which includes favourites, re-tweets, replies, clicks, etc.) for Twitter ads can be as high as 1-3%, which is much higher than Face book’s average CTR of 0.119%. In this respect, Twitter has already mastered the issue that Face book has been trying to correct with its in-stream Sponsored Stories ads;
  • Mobile Ad Performance: On Twitter Promoted Tweets are in-stream and therefore look and feel natural for mobile users. Face book Ads in the right rail don’t exist on mobile apps, Face book has just one native ad format in its app (the App Promotion Ad), and Twitter ads show up both on desktop and mobile. In this regard, we see a distinct advantage for Twitter

Face book is  helpful when  you are able to build a large fan base  and you can leverage that promoting  your  business without spending too much on promoted post .Also its helpful you have   a lot of photos  and videos to share  for your purpose since Picture and Video posts tend  to remain  longer on the timeline since it promotes  greater interaction between the viewers .

Twitter is useful medium if you have a lot of content to share and you   have to be proactive in communication on frequent basis .Also if you have a niche product twitter can a good medium for users to investigate about your product.