How do you compare Twitter and Facebook as tools for social media marketing?

Now we know that we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how we do it. Does that mean to be present on all the social platforms and share the same communication message? No, Facebook and twitter deliver information in different ways. Even though the audience present on the two social platforms may or may not be similar, the two platforms serve two very different marketing needs.

Twitter is better for viral trends as nobody can predict the next trend or control the planned campaign. Facebook, on the other hand, is for deeper communication targeted towards relationship branding. Following are the various attributes in which the two social platforms differ:

  1. Users of the platform: Users of the Facebook tend to have families, friends, batch mates or their office friends in their account and thus, ensure that the profiles are authentic. The activity on the Facebook page is more or less genuine as it portrays to one’s network who the person is and one cannot afford to lie. More importantly, marketers can predict the behavior of these users more accurately and establish a rapport of trust and loyalty with these users.

On the other hand, users on twitter may or may not be connected with their friends or family. Everybody is more interested to be heard aloud than interacting with anyone. An important message can be lost in the plethora of tweets; so can the discussion be given a whole new direction. Twitter is more of a no-frills straight forward social networking platform.

  1. Website experience: Facebook requires the users to have a profile and a cover picture. There is a social pressure to custom design the whole look. However, with Twitter, you can start tweeting straight out of the box and have easier tools to customize your page.
  2. Longevity of the message shared: Messages last shorter on Twitter; thus marketer has to be very cautious about where they put the message. Customers are easily distracted and if you are not able to communicate the message in 4 seconds, you have lost the prospects. Research says that the message posted on the bottom has the highest recall value. However, Facebook allows you to stay longer on the platform and to share more information at a glance than twitter does. Though it is harder to get likes for your business page on Facebook than it is to get followers in Twitter. You have to encourage your audience to engage in the communication.

To conclude, we cannot say which platform is better than the other one, but definitely both platforms serve different purposes. Facebook is recommended for profiling of the customer and for establishing the relationship with them. However, Twitter is advisable for establishing real time communication and better customer service.




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