Screening in Social Media Marketing

The process of discovering relevant information about a product or service in order to determine its fair  value  and  relevant features  is called Screening and its one  of the most important feature of ever growing social media campaigns  used by marketers for Product Promotion. This process is very relevant in campaigns where marketers are trying to leverage the power of social Media to promote their Product and Service .Traditional.

There are few basic steps for effective screening

  1. Go where your customers go
  2. Strike the right balance
  3. Maintain regular engagement
  4. Find brand evangelist

The steps ‘Maintain regular engagement’ and ‘Find brand evangelist’ helps a social media marketing campaign in effective screening.

  • Go where your customers go — “Identify and use social media platforms that are relevant to your customers. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or elsewhere, people want to interact in environments where they feel comfortable.”
  • Strike the right balance — “Provide content that is relevant to your target audience on a consistent basis. Evaluate what social channels your brand is using and how often new content is posted”
  • Maintain regular engagement — “The number of fans or followers a brand possesses is no longer the social media benchmark for success. Customers want to see more than the latest press release or company blog post. Engage with your communities and demonstrate genuine interest in their feedback.”
  • Find your brand evangelists — “Enthusiastic and influential customers are among the most valuable and can become highly credible in not only promoting your brand.Nourishing this community through engagement can lead to stronger customer relationships and lead to successful launches in the marketplace.”

Think relationship, not transaction. The mind-set taken by your company or organization should be one that’s focused on closing the gap between customer expectations and actual experience. So be customer-centric. Make it a business mandate. If you manage to empower staff to shift from a transaction-based mind-set to a relationship-based one, you’ll be able to more effective build a strong community of actively engaged customers.

Social media gives companies direct, unmediated access to prospects and customers. But it’s not perfect. Things go wrong – a substandard product, a service disruption, a mishandled customer. Then social media can open up businesses to a world of criticism. And sometimes, the criticism isn’t even based on facts – just a consumer with a grudge (and, now, a voice).

  1. You can’t react if you don’t know
  2. Be quick to acknowledge
  3. See it from their point of view
  4. Take it out of the spotlight
  5. Don’t feed the troll

For most companies, most of the time, social media offers a way to engage positively with customers and prospects. But, as in the offline world, you should be prepared to deal with unhappy customers on a regular basis. The good news is that by treating them right and following through on your promises, it is entirely possible to convert them into good, long-term advocates for your brand — so their amplified social voice will work in your favour again


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