Social Media campaign failures examples in India

Social Media in India has become the place to connect with fans/followers and to advertise. But in order to get more and more followers some brands just keep doing things which has negative or no impact on their brand. There are some who are not aware of how things work on Social Media and some make mistakes unknowingly.

1.Fortis Healthcare – An initiative by Fortis Healthcare, decided to celebrate that Breast Feeding Week by asking it users to tweet using #AgarMaKaDudhPiaHaiTo.When you’re celebrating a Breast Feeding Week, you don’t come up with hashtags spewed by villains in 80s.And when the social media community outraged, they came up with the lamest excuse ever: Our account was hacked.

2. Starbucks :  Starbucks India quickly deleted one of the post made by his angry customer and that triggered a viral rage on Facebook &  Twitter.The above page was posted on ‘Starbucks’  Facebook page on 7th February and the post triggered 5,100+ likes, 250+ comments  in few hours. Armaan who was awaiting response from the brand later posted a print screen of post made on Starbucks India on the Global Starbucks page on 12th February 2013.  Both Starbucks and Starbucks India removed the post from the wall as it was getting more attention than their regular updates, triggering more criticism against the brand. Angry @ArmaanKapur had by then tweeted a printscreen of the post made on the Starbuck India’s Facebook wall that also showed number of likes and comment received which got him more attention from the Twitter Community  resulting in further damage of Starbucks.

3. Lal Krishna Advani 2009 and post campaign – Lal Krishna advani started his social media campaign in 2009 and after that to become the prime minister of India but campaign was full flop. Advani has to stop his last campaign post 2009 debacle in between due to no of issues.

4. Volkswagen Vibrator – First they shivered the timbers out of unsuspecting newspaper readers with their ‘vibrator’. And when the shivered users took to Twitter to charge against Volkswagen, one of their employees comes up with an epic response. Well, what followed afterwards was embarrassment, shame, a deleted tweet and then the same lame excuse: Our account was hacked.

5. Cornetto – This was a case of trying too hard to impress followers; there was no relevance of Cornetto with the question asked. This post would have made more sense if it was a picnic basket or what’s in your grocery bags. The last thing you will be carrying when you’re travelling is an ice cream cone; you will be more worried about whether you have packed your passport and other essentials.Company has to withdraw this campaign.

6. Vodafone Happy to help page – This was page launched by Vodafone to help customers but as soon as this page started they received lot of complaints which they were not expecting and it was impacting company’s image and hence they have to work on it and exact reason for achieving the motto was not fulfilled.

7. Dettol India Facebook Contest – Dettol  in this campaign was targeting specifically confident Indian males ” End of Day Confidence ” challenge. Here company was specifically asking men if they are still confident after day’s work.  This campaign failed as contest was only based on likes , app was clearly misusing app guidelines of Facebook.  Incentive provided in brand in this contest has no resemblance to brand.

8 . Raymond India Facebook Mother’s day contest  – Raymond Indian which believes in delivering complete man with its complete range of man’s clothing . It failed as execution was shabby . Some of basics Facebook features were missing , Lack of instructions on where to upload videos and files.

I am sure you now know Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool for your brand, but it can have serious repercussions to your brands image if keep doing these mistakes.








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