Social Media Marketing v/s Conventional Marketing

Social Media Marketing(SMM) is not equal to Conventional Marketing(CM). SMM should be used for relationship goals and CM for brand related goals. Social media marketing isn’t old marketing—it’s different from what most of us have traditionally learned about marketing.

          Social Media Marketing               Conventional Marketing
Immediate Communication medium. Campaigns are generally spontaneous.E.g  –  Blogs , youtube , facebook , forums, linkedin etc. Delayed Communication reach. Campaigns are generally long ranging.E.g – Newspaper , TV , billboards , Banners , Radio etc.
Client specific tailored marketing hence you can reach to maximum people. It is dissected , spread and unclear Global marketing method but you can reach to limited audience. It is uniform , structured and clear .
Social Media Marketing is about recognizing that your existing customers are your best assets.Keep   –>  Use Word of Mouth to Find and Convert 

Using it you can reach out to your existing customers to remind them to come back, and make word-of-mouth as easy as clicking the share, like, or tweet buttons.

Traditional focus is :Find  —> Convert —> Keep 

We have  prioritized our limited resources and time on trying to find and convert new prospects. Keeping those hard-earned has often been an afterthought.

We provide content that consumers will work with , as planned by them. We present information consumers are expected to process information as planned by us.
Multidirectional (Many to Many)   both consumers and customers are active and listen to each other. Unidirectional ( One to Many ) . Company acts as active element spreading the information whereas consumers act as passive only listening.
Availability is realtime and 24 * 7 No direct support beyond regular hours
Social media marketing is also called inbound marketing because the notion is to attract social network users to your website by providing value entertainment, information, special offers, etc.  Examples of inbound marketing (social media marketing) include blogs, search engine optimization, and social networks, even though most people still think of social media as being JUST social network marketing Traditional media include broadcast media, such as TV and radio, print advertising, like magazines and newspapers, and direct marketing, including mass mailing is called as outbound marketing .
CPM(Cost per thousand) for social media is the lowest and the better you are at engaging your network, the lower your CPM. Social media marketing doesn’t cost anything to transmit your message, but it takes a lot of human resources.  So, don’t go into social media thinking there are no costs. CPM for traditional marketing is higher as it includes cost for television slots , paper cost for printing , bill board cost etc.

Conclusion : Use both. Strike a good balance between these two forms . In Fact social media marketing works best when combined with other marketing activities.  As long as TV and newspapers are still around, traditional marketing will never die. Digital marketing has borrowed some techniques from the traditional forms and molded them to best fit in with the age of the internet. While it’s important to build your company’s presence up online, reaching people in person through direct mail and print advertising is still important . Social media marketing is not a replacement for other marketing tactics and it is highly recommend that you continue to do what has worked for you in the past.

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