Twitter V/S Facebook

Regardless of so many tools for social media marketing over the past few years, twitter and Facebook have dominated this space.

Both twitter and Facebook have helped businesses reach new heights. However there still remains one question are these both tools same or different and how marketers are using these two tools efficiently to scale the businesses to new heights?

Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach to a greater audience with 1 billion users whereas twitter on the other hand have approximately 500 million users, which is half that of Facebook. Clearly giving the advantage to Facebook to address to a larger audience.

The response time for twitter is much faster than Facebook. As a marketer if you want to spread message quickly and effectively twitter is the answer for you. In a matter of just hours twitter is able to spread the word. Depending on the nature of message it also gives people and opportunity to retweet and further increases your reach. In case of Facebook , the number of responses increases gradually. Due to this tweet tends to be short-lived while Facebook posts can survive longer.

Facebook helps marketers to builds its relationship with its businesses and customers at a more personal level. Facebook gives you the opportunity to act more like a friend who share some common interest with them. Thus, Facebook gives the power to you to steer and control the conversation.

Twitter on the other hand is more about building a brand. Unlike Facebook posts, twitter tweets tend to be more specific and precise. For example a launch of a new product is likely to give you more response on twitter than on Facebook.

So, Facebook marketing is more concerned how people see you but on the other hand twitter marketing is how you want people to perceive you.

Facebook and twitter both are example of highly interactive social media marketing tools where businesses can communicate with each other. However, the way communication is carried out on both the platform is very different. Facebook is about starting a response. Asking people about their views, what do they think about a particular thing etc. Twitter on the other hand is about reactions to a particular response.

Facebook marketing or twitter marketing the ultimate goal is to turn the effort into sales. But can you use these platforms to sell your products? In case of Facebook the answer is probably yes! Many companies use Facebook as a tool to market and promote their product, which eventually leads to sales. For twitter marketing, a direct call to action sales message is not the kind of tweets that get noticed. Twitter is used by marketer as a tool to increase the interest level, which eventually increase the number of prospects and finally to sales.

So both Facebook and twitter marketing will definitely affect your sales but understanding these differences will help you to use both of them effectively.


(Mohit Sejwal)



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