Comparing Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are most powerful and widely accepted tools for social media marketing across the globe. The Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2013 indicates that 88% marketers use Twitter and 87% marketers use Facebook for social media marketing

Facebook reaches 1.15 billion users worldwide whereas Twitter reaches 232 million. The network size of Facebook is huge and that of twitter is one-sixth of Facebook user base. AdWeek tells us that engagement rates (which includes favorites, re-tweets, replies, clicks, etc.) for Twitter ads can be as high as 1-3%, which is much higher than Facebook’s average CTR of 0.119%. In this respect, Twitter has already mastered the issue that Facebook has been trying to correct with its in-stream Sponsored Stories ads; Promoted Tweets are, by nature, in-stream.

Lets try to have a look at the broad differentiation catgories

Business Relationships

The reason, Facebook got so popular with the businesses as well as the consumer was its ability to build relationships on a more personal level. While it is important for businesses to have a professional profile on Facebook, your prospects will still expect you to connect and respond on a personal level. They would like you to act more like a friend who shares what interests them. Therefore, Facebook gives you the power to steer and control the direction of the conversation.

On the other hand, Twitter, despite that fact that it does not require a proper business profile, is more about building a brand. Unlike Facebook posts, Twitter tweets tend to be more specifically and precisely about your own business. For instance, a new business announcement is likely to get more response on Twitter as compared to Facebook. So, Facebook marketing is more concerned with how people see you while Twitter marketing is more about how you want them to see your brand.

Conversations & Reactions

Both Facebook and Twitter are examples of highly interactive social media marketing platforms where businesses and prospects can communicate with each other. However, the way that communication is carried over both platforms is quite different.

Facebook is more about starting a conversation with your prospects, asking for their response and seeking their approval. On Twitter, it is more about reactions than response. As we mentioned, businesses usually use Twitter to make timely announcements. As for the prospects, they usually use Twitter to share their reaction to a current Tweet or their last experience with the brands. Prospects play an equally proactive role in sparking a conversation. That is why, in case of Twitter, proper and timely response from the business becomes more important.

If handled properly, a complaint on Twitter can offer a better marketing advantage than a positive response on a Facebook post.

Improving Leads and Increasing Sales

Facebook marketing or Twitter marketing, the ultimate goal is to turn your endeavors into sales and revenue. But can you just start selling on these platforms right away? In case of Facebook, the answer is yes. While Facebook does not incorporate ecommerce, it does offer a place to market your product and promote online sales. It is like a showroom, where your prospects can see the product and purchase it through some other channel.

For Twitter marketing, a direct call to action sales message is not the kind of tweet that gets noticed. You must use Twitter to increase the audience’s interest level. This will help you increase the number of qualified leads that ultimately convert into sales.

Some other facts, Twitter is more suited for quick topics, trending campaigns do not work well with Twitter, on the other hand Facebook is not a good medium for mass communication.

Some successful examples:

A social media marketing campaign on Facebook

Nat Geo launched a contest on Facebook where fans can experience the thrill of having their own photo on a National Geographic magazine. Fans simply upload their photos through Facebook, caption it, and then are entered to win a travel package. It was a great image generator that fans will also want to share on their own Facebook pages.

A social media marketing campaign on Twitter

Tweet for Cheap Pizza: Domino’s
I wish Domino’s would have used a more brand-recognizable hashtag than #letsdolunch, but the sentiment stands, nonetheless. Explained by SimplyZesty, “Domino’s UK ran a clever Twitter campaign today that got fans interacting with them, all in the name of cheap pizza. Domino’s reduced the price of the star pizza today according to how may people tweeted in time for lunch – knocking the price down from ­£15.99 to £7.74. The promotion ran from 9am-11am GMT this morning, and people had to include the hashtag #letsdolunch in their tweets to knock down the price of a large pepperoni pizza.” It’s a tasty campaign, and the pizza isn’t bad, either.


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