Does a campaign’s success in social media guarantee the brand’s success in overall marketing terms?

The ultimate aim of marketing campaign is to create a big brand. Position the product so high in the targeted segment that they value the product a lot. Based on this the demand is predicted and the price is decided. If the difference between the price of the product and value perceived by customers is good marketing has hit bang on target. At the same time the targeted sales should be achieved or exceeded.

A campaign catching more eye balls does not mean it has been able to position the product in customer’s mind. The reason behind the success of the campaign could be different from what the marketing rationale. Unless the campaign is able to charm the customers to like and buy the marketed product, the attention caught by the campaign cannot be called successful.

This can be explained with some examples of social media campaigns in India. We have some examples of very successful social media campaigns. But only few of them led to overall marketing success.

The trailers of movies that has many bold scenes always gets very high number of hits and likes on YouTube but the expected audience that turn out to watch the movie at the theaters is not as promised by the success  of the campaign. India is a country where good number of people has access to internet and can afford to watch the trailers at home. But they take a back seat when it comes to going to the cinema hall and watch “A” rated movies in order to avoid any objection from the society. This makes it very clear that people watch the trailers out of excitement and the trailers do not influence the people to watch the movie for the sake of a story line or acting performances.

Kapil Sharma is famous TV star. An expert stand comedian. Recently a Honda Mobilio SUV commercial went viral on YouTube in which the TV star has endorsed the launch of the vehicle. It attracted more than a million views. But the sales number for the vehicle does not show similar trend. In fact the sales have gone down. It is very clear that people watched the commercial expecting some comic cameo from Kapil. Nobody wanted to feel left out especially his fans. Clearly, the targeted segment in India prefers a vehicle with proven performance and not on celebrity endorsements.

On the other hand the social media campaign prior to Mother’s day has gone up considerably on Facebook and YouTube. Some celebrities do tweet on this day wishing to pay tribute to their mothers. These campaigns have been tremendously successful and have touched the hearts of millions in the country. The right emotions were captured and people feel the déjà vu effect. Market has witnessed a huge hike in the sales of gifts, greeting cards on and near the Women’s day. A perfect example of achieving the marketing mission! The Archies Gallery has been able to capitalize on this and reap the benefits.

Whether a successful social media campaign guarantees a brand’s success or not depends on whether both the campaign and the product have impressed the targeted customers.


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