Facebook vs Twitter as social media marketing tool

Facebook vs Twitter as social media marketing tool
An organization can need Facebook and Twitter both as social media marketing tool. As Facebook and Twitter deliver information in very different ways, and although there is some audience/user crossover, they serve two very different marketing needs. Twitter may have a better reach among African American and Latino markets, as well as people between the ages of 18 and 29, while Facebook has a far better reach among seniors and women. Twitter is better for viral trends (which, even on Twitter tend to be more flukes and public interest at any given moment than the result of carefully planned marketing strategies), but Facebook is better for deeper communication and relationship branding that Twitter is.

Why Twitter So Popular Even If You Can Do So Much More With Facebook
Tweets can still go viral in minutes. The main reason Twitter is so popular is simple: people are social and Twitter is a no-frills, straight-forward social networking platform. Although younger people use Twitter more frequently, 4% of senior citizens are using Twitter. You do not need a website, have any special skills to master it, and it does not contain the dreaded Facebook timeline.

If Twitter Is So Limited So Why Do People Use It?
Twitter does not bombard you with app instructions (but there are many widgets and third party services you can use to step up your game) nor does Twitter come with the same social pressure to custom design your look. A Facebook page without a profile and cover picture looks lazy and unappealing, Twitter right out of the box looks like well, thousands of other Twitter sites – clean, simple, but just fine. And, Twitter actually allows users easier tools for a greater visual customization than Facebook does.

Facebook Restrictions
Another reason for Twitter’s growing popularity it that It is easy to set up multiple Twitter accounts to serve different interests; set up more than one personal Facebook page and your account may be suspended or deleted. In fact, a common complaint among Facebook users is waking to find their account was deleted for some crazy reason. The reason given by Facebook was that they suspected the account owner had lied about where they went to high school.

Twitter For Sort and Powerful Communication
Twitter addresses a common problem faced by all business owners: the easily distracted and short attention span of consumers. On the web, if you do not get your message across in five seconds or less, chances are you lost your prospect.
Twitter users send out short messages called “Tweets.” These micro messages are limited to 140-characters. While this may seem like barely enough space to convey a message, it forces users to really thing about what they want to convey.

Twitter As An Elevator Pitch
An elevator pitch is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, or organization and its value. The term stems from the marketing approach when meeting a prospect in an elevator and trying to sell them on something before they reach their destination floor and exit.
Think of Twitter as an elevator pitch, only with one floor to sell someone on an idea (Facebook is also an elevator pitch platform only you have more “floors” to work with.)

Facebook As A Place Of Deeper Engagement
Facebook also offers a great platform to reach consumers, but it is harder to get “likes” for you business page than it is to get followers in Twitter and you will have to work to encourage and engage your audience.
But Facebook allows you to share a lot more information at a glance than Twitter does. You can imbed images, videos, and even create interactive pages. Facebook is also a great place to offer colorful coupons, article excerpts, and incentives such as “like” our page and get 10% off or we will “like” you back.

The bottom line is that, when compared, they really cannot be compared. The best way to take advantage of social networking is to use both Facebook and Twitter and treat each as a separate entity with the potential to reach markets in very different ways.


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