How do you compare Twitter and Facebook as tools of social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of getting the web traffic or attention through social media sites and today organizations are extensively focusing on marketing using this new channel. One question as a social media marketer we face is how do we effectively use social media, what tools to use to effectively communicate and make our consumer collaborate? It is then we compare the tools that can be used for marketing. One such comparison is between Twitter and Facebook. We are doing this comparison to understand when we can use Facebook as a mean for social media marketing and when we can use Twitter as social media isn’t one size fit all.

If we consider the usefulness scenarios for Twitter we can say that it can be used for consumer service and time based communication. Twitter provides you with a platform to understand the patterns in which the users come online or are active on twitter. The enterprise can also do a behavior analysis by skimming through the tweets that the consumer has posted. Twitter is however not good enough for understanding trends. It can be used to understand immediate behavior patterns or the issues in the products and services. It can help us identify issues in the communications as well but this lasts only for a short period of time and does not last long. So trend analysis cannot be done with Twitter.

If we consider the usefulness scenarios for Facebook we can say that it can be used for connecting with the consumers, understanding and authentication of the consumer demography. Facebook can be a very good tool for profiling as all the information about the user is easily available on Facebook and more importantly the available information is mostly authenticated by the group and people associated with the given profile. However Facebook is very expensive tool for mass marketing and there are other traditional channels that can be as cost/value effective as Facebook in mass marketing.

Based on the research by Buddy media, Booz and Company and Sortrender it has been observed that it is advised that an enterprise should skip/avoid using social media just for promotional activities. One of the reasons for this is that the consumers can easily distinguish promotions from the group of activities/posts and most of the consumers will skill/block/avoid the promotions. This beats the whole purpose of using social media for promotions. Sotrender’s research also shows that emotions works better on Faceboook than on Twitter as many participants of Facebook use this as a personal tool and a way for engaging with friends and family. It is a medium that participants use to communicate with the people close to them. They share information which may have medium to high contents with emotions. On the contrary, as according to research by Booz & Company, Twitter is used by participants to communicate something that is relevant for that instant and it can be for the general crowd as well as family. This is the reason it is preferred to keep the messages on Twitter as short and crisp as possible. It also allows others to add more to the tweets thereby increasing your tweet score. Apart from the data that is shared using the tools it is also very important to understand the timings of when to use which tools during a day, week or month to maximize the engagements with customers. According to the mentioned research roughly one fifth of tweets occur on Saturday and Sunday despite the fact that Twitter engagement rate is 17% higher on weekdays. Communicating on Twitter tends to do best during the business day while engagement on Facebook does best during personal time.

As a marketer, it’s not a matter of choosing between Facebook or Twitter to support your plans but rather to use each platform to effectively achieve your goals.



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