How do you compare Twitter and Facebook as tools of social media marketing?

To understand and contrast Twitter and Facebook as social media marketing platforms, it is important to understand the basic differences first.

Twitter –

Hobby – Primarly, it is meant for people to voice their opinions. You do it only because you like it. 140 characters give users a short and succint oppportunity to express their view about anything from happenings around, politics, filmdom, to what they feel about products and things they come across in their daily lives.
Reactive – It thrives upon what is happening in the world around you on both the micro and macro level. If there are no events or products to stimulate writing, there would be nothing to “tweet” about.
Sleak – The idea is simple, the features are limited and thus the entire design and capabilities remain lean. Its much easier to notice things too.
Facebook –

Chore – It’s like a daily dose of social interaction. You are on it because of your need for social interaction. A way to connect with friends and family with whom you may find interacting difficult otherwise. The primary goal is to maintain a profile and sending out updates in the world about whta you like or don’t, of where you are, what you are doing.
Proactive – The underlying theme is itself sharing glimpses of your life unlike Twitter where it is to voice you opinions about events surrounding you. You don’t need any stimulus to write or post on Facebook and mere day to day experiences of life are worth appreciating and sharing.
Cluttered – Yeah, it is. With sharing different aspects of your life comes different ways of doing it such as text, pictures, video, status, notifications, groups and discussions etc. And when every one is doing teh same and you are recieveing notifications, it can get a little nasty. You mind can easily stary off from one information to another.

For the very basic differences mentioned above, the leverage marketing can get using these platforms is also different.

Twitter, facilitates real time communications. People voice their opinions which can go viral. Because its a hobby and one can disguise himself, what people write is usually their honest thinking. The upheavels are uasually short lived and trends are not concrete. The spurt of positive and negative voices can be traced and related individuals can be directly targeted and contacted to address the situation. It gives comapny a lean landscape to mine for opinions which are floating around, in real time. This real time communication system can also be altered in parallel with other events to generate traction in the marketing campaign. Moreover, this leavel of identificationa and reach to the customers can be use to help customer service. Trends on Twitter are usually short lived, supported by viralism and does not provide a longterm and concrete insights.
Facebook, gives a very neat way to profile a cusotmer. Due to the very social nature of Facebook, it is difficult for the user to fake profiles. And thus the information available pertaining to customer profile is relevant and reasonably credible. Thus, it is a good medium for target marketing. Connections and likes provide a rich data to mine for trends and target segmments. Deducing from the activeness and the number of connections can help you identify the people who can prove brand ambassador to your brand. Proactive nature allows you to peek inside a person’s hstage of life and priorities and again give an opportunity to do targeted marketing.


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