Screening and Social Media

The process of discovering relevant information about a product or service in order to determine its  fair  value  and  relevant features  is called Screening and its one  of the most important feature of ever growing social media campaigns  used by marketers for Product Promotion.    This process is very relevant in campaigns where marketers are trying to leverage the power of social Media   to promote their Product and Service .Traditional Marketing  was more about Signalling  where stress is more about  conveying  about the offering   to the customers  credibly .But the same technique  is not useful  on Social Media like Twitter  and Face book  .Reason   being Traditional Marketing  is based on  basic assumption of  information Asymmetry  where  the customers  don’t have access to  the complete set of information  on  basis of which  he/she can make its purchase Decision  and Hence forth Marketers   share information  to influence Customer ‘s Decision .But with Advent  of internet and social Media   Networks   , the situation has changed   radically and hence the marketing approach  has  also to be changed 360 degrees to  address this change in  approach . Now there are Glut of information is available about various Products available to the customer to make their decision. Apart from that  on Social Media ,  customers can get Feedback , reviews  instantly from their  Friends  and Social Network  to  more information about the  products .Social Media has vastly reduced this Information Asymmetry  barrier  and  the    basic Assumption  has changed .Hence forth Marketers need  to  adapt  the Screening Method to survive and execute successfully  the  marketing  campaigns  on Social Media.

Based on “the view of innocence” this process allows checking from the marketing process to the development of the product. It’s a continuous process of  getting feedback  from the customers and being truthful about  your product and services to withstand the scrutiny  of the customers  on social Media The first task is to listen, to ask, to listen and to ask again, understanding the process in the way it is currently done. Then naturally doubts and important questions will appearcomparing your process and the way you promote your product with other markets, other countries and other competitors using social Media . Sometimes as we are doing always the same activities and claiming the same benefits, the market goes slowly moving and we cannot perceive. Also same innovations that are not done yet in our market could be introduced and make the difference. So to check why we claim what claim or why we do what we do is the very first step in keep our competiveness as sharp as possible.

Talking of Social Media , I remember a popular line from a old urdu Poet : Ye hamaam-e-siyasat hai,yahan sab k sab  nange haine”.It stands true  for  social Media  .Nothing is hidden from the customers there and hence marketers have to be careful  about their strategy otherwise they won’t  be expected benefits from their campaigns on contrary the whole process can back fire and affect their brands adversely if they stick to old methods.




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