Social Media Marketing – Facebook vs Twitter

When we talk about social media, Twitter and Facebook are definitely there in the conversation. Regardless of the level of involvement, there is no denying the immense popularity of Facebook and Twitter as social media platforms. In this post we are going to find what are the major differences between these two social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter deliver information in very different ways, and although there is some audience/user crossover, they serve two very different marketing needs. Facebook as a social network is much more flexible and versatile. One can upload pictures, videos, games, and apps to his/her profile; embed videos from YouTube; and post calendar events. Twitter, at first glance, only allows for text, more text, and even more text with links. Also, Twitter is a microblogging service while Facebook has many facets including a microblogging component. Think of Twitter as an elevator pitch, only with one floor to sell someone on an idea.

Twitter is better for viral trends (which, even on Twitter tend to be more flukes and public interest at any given moment than the result of carefully planned marketing strategies), but Facebook is better for deeper communication and relationship branding that Twitter is. The main reason Twitter is so popular is that people are social and Twitter is a no-frills, straight-forward social networking platform. Twitter addresses a common problem faced by all business owners: the easily distracted and short attention span of consumers. On the web, if you do not get your message across in five seconds or less, chances are you lost your prospect.

Twitter does not bombard you with app instructions nor does Twitter come with the same social pressure to custom design your look. A Facebook page without a profile and cover picture looks lazy and unappealing, Twitter right out out of the box looks like well, thousands of other Twitter sites – clean, simple, but just fine. And, Twitter actually allows users easier tools for a greater visual customization than Facebook does.

Facebook also offers a great platform to reach consumers, but it is harder to get “likes” for your business page than it is to get followers in Twitter and you will have to work to encourage and engage your audience. But Facebook allows you to share a lot more information at a glance than Twitter does. You can embed images, videos, and even create interactive pages. Facebook is also a great place to offer colorful coupons, article excerpts, and incentives such as “like” our page and get 10% off or we will “like” you back.

The difference between Facebook and Twitter emerges in the quality of versatility. Facebook is becoming more and more active as it has implemented new tools such as a new Facebook Mobile interface. On the other hand, Twitter has tried to make itself more versatile. For example, users now have the ability to link their account to other services such as LinkedIn. Also, the application Twitpic allows users to share pictures through a Twitter account while the application TweetDeck streamlines tweets.

The bottom line is that, when compared, they really cannot be compared. The best way to take advantage of social networking is to use both Facebook and Twitter and treat each as a separate entity with the potential to reach markets in very different ways.


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