Some brands that did not transition from one side of funnel to another after Social Media (SM) campaigns:

The funnel ( shows the conversion of the consumers who are brought in by the marketing campaigns & generated revenue for the brand.

  1. HMV Britain SM campaign was initiated on twitter but was hijacked employees who were sacked around the same time due to internal issues of the organization.
  2. Pepsi Swidish branch posted on facebook a voodoo doll of competitor Portugal’s megastar Cristiano Ronaldo tied to train tracks for an SM campaign. But the facebook group of fans of the footballer joined in together to raise the ire & take down the campaign.
  3. J.P. Morgan started an SM campaign on twitter to engage its consumer base through an enlightening Q&A session. But well known journalists also joined in criticizing the bank in the aftermath of 2007-08 slowdown & the bank was forced to cancel the next session of Q&A.
  4. Old spice ran a campaign on twitter by trying to engage the female partners of male deodorant customers suggesting that they can advice the male counterparts about the masculine habits. But the campaign was not received well by the male customers. The marketers were forced to arrange for a parallel coupon & promotional discount to make the sales look good during the campaign.
  5. In 2013 after the marathon bombing tragedy, cooking site Epicurious decide to start an SM campaign by asking it’s 480,000 Twitter followers to cope with the incident by sharing recipes for their whole-cranberry scones. This was a disaster for the SM campaign.
  6. Online retailer CelebBoutique thought of taking advantage of the trending topic on #Aurora by posting a promotional tweet. Actually the hashtag was trending because of Aurora shooting. The campaign proved to be so out of place. This is the classic example of how the twitter is not a great platform for trends because the inclination of emotions of a trend cannot be gauged from just a popular stream on twitter.
  7. American Airlines set up an Auto-Responding to anything that was tweeted on their hashtag. The only problem was that they did not look into the actual text any user was posting & therefore responded with a thank you to a customer who posted an angry abusive post on their hashtag.
  8. American Apparel offered 20% off to anyone living in states that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. This was a bad choice in terms of any kind of marketing campaign be it social or conventional.
  9. The Gap tried to attract customers to do some online shopping as the Hurricane Sandy approached, instead of you know, preparing to deal with a powerful hurricane. The company eventually removed the tweet and offered apology. American Apparel was not the only clothing retailer to commit such blunder in their social media campaigns.
  10. In 2009 Burger King launched a Facebook contest called the “Whopper Sacrifice.” If a user removed 10 of their Facebook friends, in return, they would receive a coupon for a free Whopper. This caused some confusion. Also, since it violated Facebook users’ expectation of privacy, Facebook stopped this campaign. The same chain of Burger King also faced heat of the customers on twitter in Sept-2014 when they moved their head quarters to Canada to save on federal taxes.

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