Tools of Social Media Marketing – Twitter versus Facebook

Facebook had 100,000 business pages in 2007. Twitter, a micro blogging website (with limit of 140 characters on any post by a user), was launched in 2006, but took off as more & more celebrities started joining it eventually. Facebook is more passive type of social media website because of its users creating & waiting to be added by others. Whereas Twitter is more actively used for social communication & it’s easy to reach anyone on it.

The main advantages from the structure of both these social media websites are shown in the table:

Facebook Twitter
·         Authenticity – is built in the website because of all the About information that is formulated for each user

·         Detailed Profiling – is obtained from the data uploaded, shared, liked

·         Reach – is very easy for users of twitter as there is no restriction on accessing any forum, discussion or streaming

·         Real time – twitter is like a radio show, where in users can participate a campaign & get response as quickly

The usage of these two portals is therefore different in terms of what a social media marketer wants to achieve. Many marketers still choose to run some of their campaigns on both the portals. But the key differentiator for Facebook is the detailed targeting that is possible amongst their users. But facebook is not good for real time mass communication. Because the average user checks facebook 4-5 times a day. Twitter is structures in such a way that users reach out to the trending hashtags or any celebrity pages. So it is quick to collect the response.

  • Facebook is clearly not meant for mass communication. (quick reach to a specific call by a campaign is not possible)
  • Twitter is clearly not meant for gauging trends. (140 character limit may not allow to learn a lot about the likes & dislikes of a user)

Sentiment analyzers are applying their tools on both these portals though.

Blendtec ‘will it blend’ campaign on facebook:

Once Blendtec created the buzz about the capability of its blender to blend any weird items by uploading videos on Youtube, they took the campaign to facebook ( The facebook page of Blendtec takes requests from users about various items that users are curious whether can be blended using their blenders & then uploads the videos showing the results of such blending tests conducted in controlled lab environments.

Considering how niche the product is (it costs 5 times the average blenders), facebook proves to be a good platform for it. Varied profiles on facebook can be targeted to make the users aware about the capabilities of such a costly product & Blendtec gains by improving chances that such users will buy their blender eventually.

Coke ‘cowboys vs. show girls’ ad campaign on twitter:

During super bowl season of 2013, Coke ran a campaign on twitter showing the users 3 participant teams (bikers, cowboys, show girls) in a race to reach the bottles of coke first. The users were touted to generate online buzz to vote & make their favorite team win the coke bottle. This campaign relied more on quick response from users & therefore twitter proved to be the right platform. It was during this campaign that twitter famously stalled for few minutes.


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