Twitter and Facebook as tools for Social Media Marketing

Twitter has close to 284 million monthly active users, 500 million Tweets that are tweeted per day. In comparison Facebook has 1.35 Billion users and 864 Million active users per day. Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2014 mentions that over 90 % of Marketers leverage Facebook and over 80 % use Twitter to promote their products. Followed by Linkedin, Youtube and Blogs. This report indicates that significant use of social media marketing started  only around 2010. The likes of Facebook and Google have also acknowledged this opportunity and created dedicated tools / opportunities for organization to promote their products.

Twitter allows users to send short messages limited to 140 words while Facebook has gone further to provide tools for Businesses to leverage. One could not only host a Organization Page on Facebook but also upload videos pictures along with putting up posts. However, research by the publishers of this report indicate a steady decline in use of Facebook by marketers. It is expected though that there will be a 3% increase in use of Twitter and a decrease of 7% for Facebook by Marketers for Social Media Promotions.

There are many ways in which Twitter could be leveraged. It could be used to provide quick and short regular updates. The updates could include links that provide for further detail. Twitter could be used to generate a network of followers. It is also used to monitor what various users of twitter are saying about the organization and their brands. So all in all it acts as a quick and effective medium to reach millions. Marketers could look to tag in their posts Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and experts that could help build the brand further. Twitter also provides for functionality to retweet messages. Hence it is critical for marketers to identify when such messages are published and they should look to promote these message through the medium of retweets. Twitter also provides for use of Hashtags which are keywords that can be used in a tweet. A customer can search for the particular keyword and obtain all the tweets pertaining to this keyword.

 Facebook too could be leveraged for Social Media Marketing. A dedicated fan page can help get a feeling of personal interaction for fans with the organization. It also brings together the fans of the brand / organization providing opportunity build the brand reputation. Ads is another medium to promote product and brand. Further one could create various types of groups to collaborate and provide insights that otherwise would not have been possible. One could run polls to get a sense. There are tools that are available that help in listening to relevant matter that could help the organization to further build their brand. Social Media Marketing Report 2014 survey of 2800 marketers shows that Facebook has seen a steady decline as a marketing medium. Only 43% of the marketers felt their promotions very effective.

So how does one choose between Twitter and Facebook for Social Media Marketing. Twitter is not to be used when one is trying to observe trends whereas Facebook is more apt in this situation. Whereas Facebook is not apt for mass communication instead twitter is more suitable. Some of easy rules one could reference are as follows. If there is a continuous stream of information that is expected to be published and the marketer / organization are committed to spending as much time to connect with its customer on social media then Twitter is the recommended medium. On the other hand if there is limited budget and time then Facebook would be a recommended medium. If one has a huge following on Facebook then they should look to leverage that and if there is a niche product or a limited duration promotion then Twitter could be leveraged more effectively.  Facebook is more productive when there is a lot of images and videos that once is looking to use to connect with customers.

While the above rules could be referenced it does not should not be limited to only these. Organizations should not only look to leverage both the mediums but also the others. The method has to have some meaning to it. It cannot be a carpet bombing type of approach but more strategically thought through to ensure the business outcome!


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