Twitter vs Facebook on Social Media Marketing !!!

Facebook and Twitter deliver information in very different ways, and although there is some common audience, they serve two very different marketing needs.



Twitter addresses a common problem faced by all business owners: the easily distracted and short attention span of consumers. On the web, if you do not get your message across in five seconds or less, chances are you lost your prospect.

We need to think of Twitter as an elevator pitch, only with one floor to sell someone on an idea. An elevator pitch is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, or organization and its value.

You can freely follow whoever you like on twitter. There is no case of accepting someone or not. As a business it is the follow back which you want. A lot of users you will be following so that they in turn follow you back, so that they can see and share your tweets to their followers. You can do this by complimenting them or their business, or striking up a conversation. Not everyone will follow you back though.

As a business you will need to aim to follow people in similar industries and people who you know will be interested in your services. Once you have gained a good following people will begin to retweet your tweets to their friends who will most likely also be interested in your business. On twitter your information can be wide spread, it’s all about being clever.

The beauty of Twitter is being able to reach specially targeted users to gain maximum interest, and let’s not forget the infamous hash tag!

Twitter is great for Real time Conversions and Customer service however has limitation in identifying the trends.



Facebook also offers a great platform to reach consumers, but it is harder to get “likes” for your business page than it is to get followers in Twitter and you will have to work to encourage and engage your audience.

But Facebook allows you to share a lot more information at a glance than Twitter does. You can imbed images, videos, and even create interactive pages.

Facebook is a place for friends; most of us will know all of our ‘friends’ on Facebook. We know personally when someone adds us that we don’t know, we will be very wary of accepting them and this includes businesses.

Say you do have a Facebook account to promote your business and you post a status or a link to your site on a regular basis. Who is reading this, and is it spreading? The answer is no, you post it, a few of your ‘friends’ will read it, maybe like it, but it won’t get passed on and it will never go viral!

Facebook is great for authentic connections and correct and accurate profiling of audiences however it cannot be used for mass market reach.



The bottom line is that, when compared, they really cannot be compared. The best way to take advantage of social networking is to use both Facebook and Twitter and treat each as a separate entity with the potential to reach markets in very different ways.



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