Twitter vs Facebook – The war is on !

Its very important in social media campaign to leverage various social platforms & tools. However one should be careful not to over-do every medium. It could either be costly or ineffective. When it comes to marketers leveraging social media platforms, Facebook & Twitter appears to be most popular choice. While the marketer’s aspirations for these two platforms are similar, to build highly engaged audience in order to raise brand awareness and drive footfall, the manner in which each network and audience is approached and cultivated needs to be tailored specifically to that network.


Facebook has 1.15 billion active users that share 4.75 billion items daily. Facebook enables you to created dedicated page where you can promote your product or offerings. You can post videos, images & generate conversations on various topics & engage with users. Facebook creates profile of every user and smartly displays posts & messages which the user is interested in looking at. The goal for marketers with Facebook Page posts is to attain most Likes and comments, which increase a post’s EdgeRank, and drive re-shares of posts, which expose branded content to the friends of fans. Therefore, marketers should compose posts that they think will be the most engaging for their audience

Choose Facebook if

  • You have a large followers on your personal profile that you can leverage for your business page.
  • You like to use a lot of photos or videos for your campaign, as they tend to get a lot of interaction & the feed will remain fresh on network’s posts.

Don’t choose Facebook if you are looking for mass marketing because its feature of profiling will not make it happen on your free campaign and its paid ads are comparatively costly.


Twitter has decent reach with 232 million active users posting 500 million tweets a day. It allows you to post short messages of maximum 140 words. Its a real time conversation streaming feed and at times you might get confused by the noise it creates. Also the impact of tweets are short lived and users tend to jump on another happening tweet. The search function within Twitter is more robust and is utilized more often than Facebook.

Choose Twitter if

  • You have the time & resource to continuously monitor & respond to the feeds in a real time manner. Best example is of a customer service using twitter to listen yo their customer & reply them till satisfaction.
  • You have a lot of content to publish in order to catch followers when they’re reading. Example could be of breaking news feed.

However, don’t expect much details on trending while using Twitter.

Both, Facebook & Twitter, work on concept of network effect where there are influencers & advocators which one need to identify and leverage to increase reach & brand awareness. Marketing using these forums is very cheap compared with conventional TV or print ads and it also provides higher reach.

Ad Comparisons:

According to AdWeek, engagement rates for Twitter ads can be as high as 1-3%, much higher than Facebook’s average CTR of 0.119%. The benefit for Twitter is that its ads are in-stream, rather than pushed off to the side. However, average CPM (cost per impression) is significantly higher on Twitter, at up to $3.50 compared to an average CPM of $0.59 on Facebook.

Another comparison is revenue per visitor (RPV): $0.93 for Facebook compared to $0.44 for Twitter. Facebook’s RPV is double that of Twitter’s, but note that Twitter’s RPV is up 300% year over year, while Facebook’s RPV has only improved by 39% YoY. Further, share of social referred visits is down for Facebook (at 62%, down 20% YoY), while Twitter’s share of social visits is just 6.8%, but growing fast, up 258% year over year).

Mobile Ads – While Facebook currently leads in mobile market share, Twitter is expected to net $1.33 billion in worldwide ad revenue, and more than 60% of that will be from mobile ads.

There are certainly key difference between Twitter & Facebook which makes them suitable for certain specific scenarios of marketing, but your objective, time & resources will decide which way to go!


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