Why is the thesis of screening important for social media marketing?

This is 21st century and we assume that almost every boy is on social media or at least 73% of adults do. So the enterprises have also tried to keep its presence on social media. But just because an organization is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest it doesn’t guarantee success. It does not matter how many like you have or how many fan following you have if you cannot pull customers to directly contribute to the content or generate money out of it means that you have not utilized social media marketing. It simply means you are using social media for promotion and nothing else.

You as an enterprise want something more than just updating information about new product or services or any information about the organization. You want to engage with your customers and make them collaborate to help you grow. It is a common knowledge that to keep the people engaged with the campaign we must provide something interesting to the customer and it needs to have points of differentiation when compared to other campaign but what is more interesting that organizations often forget the most basic things when designing a campaign which ultimately leads to the failure of the campaign. It is as if you have started a brick and mortar store and you have set a target that 1 million people walk into your store in a month and you actually have one million people walking into you store but no sales revenue. What do you think has gone wrong?

We can clearly see that the there was an issue in the definition of target. The target clearly did not map to the critical success factor. In this scenario what we need to understand is that are we selling what the customer needs? What is the value proposition? Does the value that we propose matches the value that consumer perceives/receives? It is very important to figure out answers to these questions because the customers are always screening the contents available on the social media hence and content that provides information contradicts to the values of your business will directly have negative impact. So anything that you do on social media such as sharing your contents, generating buzz about your brand or promoting the need and utilities, It must be in line with the value of your business.

So, if you open a restaurant that serves only organic items, explain your reasons for opening up that business to potential customers. You’re not doing this because it’s a trendy business right now. You’re doing this because people aren’t eating healthy and you want to change that, at least in your neck of the woods. Share content that explains why organic food is healthy for locals and what your menu has to offer your neighbors.

Content of our campaign is very important but it is only half the pie. What’s the point in creating something awesome if no one is going to check it out? A campaign on social media is also about consistency. There must be consistency in the matter produced, consistency in the frequency of sharing information and also the timing of when to share how much of the content. An example to demonstrate above point is when after President Obama mentioned his grandmother during the first presidential debate in October, the kitchen appliance manufacturer responded by posting the following tweet to its 24,000 followers: “Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 b bad! She died 3 days b4 he became president. #nbcpolitics”. To the company’s credit, it quickly removed the tweet and issued an apology, explaining that a member of the KitchenAid team had mistakenly posted it from the company account instead of from a personal handle. It had however reached the mass and would have offended many people. These failures demand the screening of campaigns on social media. Some of them could have been avoided if it were screened at multiple levels in the organization before the implementation.



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