Does a Successful Social Media Campaign lead to brand’s overall Marketing Success

A successful social media campaign implies the achievement of objectives laid out at the very beginning. It could be in the form of basic metric such as LIKES and FOLLOWERS and regular day to day communication with fans who are not customers yet. Whatever the metric may be, a successful campaign does add to the overall brand value and creates a positive impression in the target segment. There is however challenges which run deeper than the ones visible at the surface and hence require further discussion before declaring a successful social media campaign a ‘sure shot strategy’ for the brand’s overall marketing success.

Some Food for Thought:

  1. Engagement has to be continuous and not temporary

Social Media is primarily about user engagement. People should be willing to talk about your product and thereby contribute towards making it a talked about and relevant product in the eyes of other users. This engagement however has to be on a continuous basis. A one-time successful campaign may bring in the desired attention and get the ball rolling, but regular and interesting initiatives should follow to keep the momentum maintained and users engaged. A successful campaign in fact should be used a stepping stone to further user engagement, improved user experience and sales. Abandoning the entire strategy in-between or not having a continuous user engagement strategy is highly undesirable and may in fact show your brand in poor light. You could be perceived as a one-time wonder rather than a ‘here to stay’ player


  1. Overall Marketing Success depends on other variables as well

Your overall marketing strategy should be a combination of conventional as well as social media strategy. Simply relying on either of the two may not be a very wise strategy, considering the ever changing customer requirements and the opportunities provided by the online space. A Social Media Campaign should in fact be complemented by a conventional campaign, to ensure consistency in brand communication and more importantly targeting the user with the right kind of content using the right media.

The user would then be able to join the dots, having seen the communication in different media, and the probability of your brand having major customer mind and wallet share should be comparatively higher. A successful social media campaign requires a supporting conventional campaign as well. You risk missing the bus if the required conventional marketing support is absent.


  1. Get the Basics Right

No Amount of Social Media Marketing can help sell a bad product. You may have run a successful social media campaign ensuring huge fan following, but the final product has to deliver on the promises made. Claims of high performance and personal touch have to be corroborated by the brand and the user in real life situations, Else your brand might come across as one more ‘wanna be’ out there. Therefore the social media campaign has to be supported with the right kind of on field infrastructure. Along with the product, the pre and after sales customer experience should also target customer delight and not be below standards

  1. Your Competition Matters

You might have had a strong social media campaign run. But what if your competitor has a strong brand presence in the market? It could be due to the social or conventional media marketing, but it certainly poses a strong marketing challenge to you. Your overall brand success would then depend upon your competition’s brand strength relative to yours. A strong competitive brand may allow for a successful social media campaign but may prevent the rub-off effect to your overall brand success. The competitor may in fact initiate its own social media campaign and hack the limelight gained from your own campaign


The conclusion then points towards a more moderate answer. Social Media Success doesn’t guarantee success, but certainly increases the probability of the brand having a successful run in the overall marketing terms. It does so by engaging users and getting them to talk more about your brand. This definitely leads to brand recall and recognition and brings the product into their consideration set for the product purchase. Overall Marketing Success requires certain other critical variables as well, adherence to which is a must for strengthening the overall brand position. You need to have a two pronged strategy of conventional and social media marketing to achieve brand success in overall marketing terms.




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