Social Media Marketing vs Conventional Marketing Communications !!!

In today’s regularly changing and fast paced world, advertisers are scrutinizing the genuine contrasts between social advertising and customary promoting. Is one superior to the next? Is one more suited for one sort of business over an alternate? Furthermore is one on the edge of death while the other is blasting with life?

Social media has rapidly integrated itself into our everyday lives, both personal and professional, and it’s perhaps had no greater impact than on the world of marketing, with consumers and brands seeing enormous benefits and changes.

But how does social media compare to traditional marketing?

The advantages of social media marketing are numerous.

It’s cheaper. You can reach thousands of people for a fraction of the cost using social media than you can through television, billboards or even email

Social media is the only marketing platform that allows you to engage and interact with your consumers – it’s a two-way relationship, which can be hugely lucrative for brands

The results are measurable, and marketers can take immediate action to spot trends and re-align campaigns

It’s not all gravy, though. Social media campaigns can be time consuming and the impact can disseminate very quickly, whereas traditional marketing campaigns, certainly in television, can produce short term results that have greater tangibility.


Advantages of Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing:


  • Inexpensive vs Costly
  • Interactive / engaging vs One way / non reciprocal
  • Measurable vs Hard to measure
  • Customised marketing vs generally only Mass Marketing


Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing:

  • Time Consuming vs Quick and gives immediate results.
  • Information fades quickly vs Information is permanent more tangible.


Key difference of Social Media Marketing over Conventional Marketing,


  1. Social Media is not only about plain advertising it’s much more than that.
  2. Social Media Marketing also influences Market Behaviour
  3. Social media continuously uses new evolving technologies like we saw in the fridge magnet example of Red Tomato Pizza.
  4. Social media is real time ie. as it happens its continuous and instantaneous like the Oreo campaign during Super Bowl “Dunk in the dark”


So have we decided which form of marketing is better?  Both forms have clear strengths and weaknesses.  In order to pull out the most advantageous qualities, both forms of marketing should be used together.

This seems to be the biggest misnomer to many.  People like to choose either traditional or social, but the real benefit comes when both types of marketing are used as complements to one another.  Traditional marketing is actually just as effective today as it was before the internet was invented.

Social media marketing is not a replacement for other marketing tactics and it’s highly recommend that one should continue to do what has worked for you in the past.

Traditional marketing activities that still work for you, like advertising in a newspaper, sending direct mail and attending networking events, are still essential.

However, for most, social media marketing is now a critical component of an effective marketing strategy.

Social Media is an Important Part of Your Marketing Mix, but Not the Only One.


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