Traditional Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing


There is a Radical Shift in the thought process underlying    Conventional Marketing Methods and Social Media Campaigns .Lets discuss some of them.

Flipping the  Funnel

In conventional Marketing  we’ve prioritize our limited resources and time on trying to find and convert new prospects( Top of the Funnel) .Retaining those customers(Bottom of the Funnel) is often an Afterthought. Reason being until recently, there was little we could do to keep existing customers that was significantly different from the tactics used to attract new ones. the best you could do after turning a prospect into a customer was to provide a great customer experience and just hope they come back to buy more and bring their friends with them. With Popularity of Social Media and Internet you no longer have to hope that customers come back and bring their friends with them. Now you can reach out them and make word-of-mouth as easy as clicking the share, like, or tweet buttons. The Cardinal Rule to remember in Social Media Marketing is that it does not end with the sale, but rather it begins after the first sale (the bottom of the traditional sales funnel)

Social Media is Like a Cocktail Party

Approach social media like cocktail party, with the purpose of having valuable interactions with others with whom you may form lasting friendships. If you follow this approach, many of these contacts and interactions may lead to business opportunities. The strategies that are used for traditional media will not make you popular on social media platforms. In a social interaction people do not enjoy being interrupted so that you can talk about your products, or if you use forcing techniques to make a sale. On social media, the favourites are the people (and businesses) that make friends

 Structured Vs Dissected

The  Marketing  campaigns  include structured Ad Campaigns  service Hotlines , the Approach undertaken in Social Media Campaigns  is Spread out and unclear  which can includes anything from  a status update, blog articles,  YouTube Videos, Tweets , community posts etc

 Active-Passive Vs Active-Active Relationship

Conventional Marketing is Unidirectional With one to many Relationship between company and the Customers   where information is conveyed by the Company (Active)  and consumers only Listen  while in Social Media Marketing  the Flow is Multidirectional  with Many to Many Relationship  where all the stake owners ( Customers and company )  talk and listen actively


Well Planned Vs Spontaneous


In Conventional Marketing the campaigns are planned over a period of time and after a lot of brainstorming while Social Media Marketing is all about being agile and spontaneous   and changed after getting the feedback from the Users.


Closed Vs open


In Traditional Marketing the communication between the Companies vs. consumer is well reviewed and point of discussion is kept between the concerned parties while in Social Media campaigns anybody can    read, join and comment on any discussion.


Specific Vs General.

While Traditional Approach is  optimized for certain  target Audience  and Markets , Social Media  campaign is aimed at general Public  and available  for anybody anywhere .







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