Failed Social Media Campaigns In India

It is still early days for marketing manager to use social media as a medium for advertisement and in this mode chances of mistake are very less. Following are the reasons which can ruin your social media campaign.

No Defined Goals: 

A social media marketing campaign must have a definite goal. It should have something to endeavor for-something which will give a return on investment to the company. However, increasing the number of likes on your Facebook page isn’t a tangible goal; likes are basically arbitrary. People may like a page and then take the page out of their newsfeed, paying no attention to all the sales messages. Rather, emphasize on goals such as connecting with industry analysts, product reviewers, journalists as well as other people who can help spread the name of your brand. People will automatically follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page along the way.

Not Considering Social Media as a Two-Way System:

A lot of social media campaigns do not become successful because they take ‘social’ out of the campaign. Rather than engaging with the people and creating messages that get responses, companies push out content, which their target audience is not interested to look at. You should be social in your campaign. That is the main point. You post something, people comment on your post and then you comment in response to those comments-this is the process. But make sure your posts/messages are based on what your target audience is interested in or talking about. Great conversation takes place when you talk about something that’s relevant, happening and interesting.

Making Assumptions about Social Media Culture

Social media marketing strategies will work great if you understand the different cultures of different social media channels. Don’t think that you know the culture of all the social media sites. Spend some time listening at first. The Facebook users do not like to be talked to like they are Twitter users. You should connect with people based on emotional perceptions.

Product Pushing or/and Excessive Advertising

Do you know why people follow a corporate social media account? May be they are looking for online deals or want to be the first one to know about your services or products. However, these people never follow a social media account  to be inundated with the company ads. When it’s social media, you should go for the relationship first and not sale. No one would want to see posts, which always talks about ‘buy our products, shop from us.’ It is annoying. Advertising is fine, but excessive advertising is not good.

Few Campaigns which were really bad in India were:

1)  Ad-vani’s Political Campaign: Indian politician Lalchand Kishan Advani, tried to position himself in lines of Obama as a ‘change agent’.  He spent an average of Rs. 250 crores for his genuinely pathetic ad campaigns. He literally targeted all the Indian sites with his aggressive Adwords. Perhaps, while promoting himself insanely he forgot that ‘Advani is not a new product on the market’ which needs crazy branding! Instead of connecting to the people online in a non-intrusive manner or mobilizing the bloggers to write about him, he preferred spamming the sites of the whole wide India.  His blog also didn’t seem to appeal to the audience much and he failed both in the elections, and on social media.

One of the famous Indian blogger writes about Advani’s campaign as follows:“We saw Advani becoming Ad -Vani with his aggressive adwords campaign targeting every indian site. At one point there were only his ads on every site we browsed.  The first and foremost reason it failed – We hate Ad

2) Dettol: They started with a social media advertisement in 2012 and to connect with consumer contest was launched but the mistake they did was Incentives provide by brand in contest was not in line with brand image, and contest was based on likes and applicant clearly misused the app guideline of the facebook also the contest was only for men which further reduced the interest.

3) Raymond: Another India Company which tried to become active on social media launched a campaign of Mother day contest on Facebook. But Execution on facebook was shabby, lack of information on where videos and photos needs to be uploaded, did not incorporate basic facbook feature in their page which ensured the campaign became a mere disaster for Raymond.

4) Starbucks: I always say this: “if your brand has faced a negative concern from your customer – solve it than deleting or defending it’ to avoid nuisances. Here is the perfect example of the same, Starbucks India quickly deleted one of the post made by his angry customer and that triggered a viral rage on Facebook & Twitter.  Let’s look into what has happened:

The above concern was posted on ‘Starbucks’  Facebook page on 7th February and the post triggered 5,100+ likes, 250+ comments  in few hours. Armaan who was awaiting response from the brand later posted a print screen of post made on Starbucks India on the Global Starbucks page on 12th February 2013.  Both Starbucks and Starbucks India removed the post from the wall as it was getting more attention than their regular updates, triggering more criticism against the brand. Angry @ArmaanKapur had by then tweeted a print screen of the post made on the Starbuck India’s Facebook wall that also showed number of likes and comment received which got him more attention from the Twitter Community resulting in further damage of Starbucks. Below are some print screens and response from the active twitter community: Starbucks India didn’t response to the issue on Facebook and deleted the post made by Armaan. It stayed silent on Twitter despite many people asked for a response to the issue. Starbucks India remained thick skinned and continued to do its other Social Media Marketing content activities! This definitely is Shameful! Yes, it is!


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